A Blazing Fire, Happy Dogs and a Cup of Coffee

It is chilly mornings like this that make me feel appreciative of the lifestyle I have chosen.epa-approved

I used my voters registration card to start my fire this morning.  Some folks will reason, because she lost her election,  ‘aw, poor Tori, she has gone off her nut’Lol. It was not me losing that was the telling story, but WHO WON is the more interesting aspect and not just in my race. I can assure one, I have more ‘clarity of vision’ than I have ever had in my lifetime!  As I am starting to come to know the real truth about Spirituality, our government and our lives.  The picture that is becoming clear is that humankind has been manipulated for a very, very long time. I am thinking it goes back all the way to the days of King Solomon! Pretty much everything is a lie.

I touched on the subject of Flat Earth yesterday and raised some ‘eyebrows’ for sure. But let me say, it is only the ‘closed mind’ that can be deceived.  I have to say, when it was presented, I too was ‘skeptical’ but the further I researched, the more it became plausible. This is a subject that I believe needs further ‘light’ and investigation. As that is the only way the truth is exposed! Maybe this is what the New Age is to bring to us, Enlightenment! One thing is for sure, to me, the only way our country is going to survive is to get back to our roots, get back to God, Flat earth or not!