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Tori’s Story

Tori was born in Alton, IL.  Her parents were both natives of Southeast Missouri – the Missouri 8th Congressional District, as were their parents before them and those parents before them, and so on.  Her father was just getting started in his career and money was tight for the young couple.  Because of finances, her mother converted an old coal room into her nursery.  Three weeks later her father would land a job in California and Alton would be left behind for the  big city life  of Los Angeles.

While growing up in California city life was status quo as there was no other life to compare it to.  It was the summer-time excursions back to her families roots, of Southeast Missouri, that were the most memorable times.  The visits with her ‘grannies’ would forever shape her life.  Granny Bert was the salt of the earth and made her way through farming her 80 acre farm.  The other, Granny Ruth, was a devout Baptist married to a Baptist Minister. who, on Sundays, often spoke in tongues; as Grandpa preached his fiery sermon at the pulpit.  It was no surprise that many of the children Granny Ruth bore went on to hear the calling of the Lord.

As time went by, her parents marriage became rocky and they eventually separated.  She and her two younger sisters were moved back to Southeast Missouri, where they lived with ‘Granny Bert’ on the farm.  These days would be some of Tori’s most cherished moments while growing up.

Growing up in a small rural town, versus the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles took some getting use to.  But Los Angeles was not far behind, as her father stayed to tend his business.  The trips back and forth between rural and city life, were again, another expected summer-time adventure.

Later in life, as the Vietnam war and President Nixon were making
wmheadlines, Tori joined the United States Marine Corps, as she felt it a duty to her nation.  She was one of, less then, 3k women Marines to serve during the Vietnam era.  And was in one of the last platoons to graduate from Parris Island, S.C. before the major overhaul of the Women Marines.

After serving, Honorably, in the USMC and being discharged in California she decided to stay.  She started several adventures from working for the railroad, owning a business as a general building contractor, to working on a Llama ranch.

Working at the Llama ranch was an exciting experience, as was her living in a tent, in the desert .  She lived just outside the Anza-Borrego desert and discovered that roughing it and being out in nature was a great life and did it for over a year.

During that year, she got involved with a fellow, Jim, that fancied his self as a cowboy and had the horses to prove it.  Jim and Tori’s favorite pastime was to take the horses on 20 mile rides, or the occasional cattle roundups on local Indian reservations.

As the mother does, so will the daughter … At the age of 33 she became pregnant.  While the relationship with Jim of cowboy was fine, she could not see him as a father.  So Tori moved back to Missouri to live with her mother and back to the MO8th, her roots.

In trying to figure out the proper way to take care of her new daughter she attended the local community college in hopes of becoming an R.N.  She found the study of anatomy/physiology intriguing, as she learned how all the parts worked and realized God’s design.  However in working in the hospitals, as a prelude to what she perceived her calling to be, she became disenchanted as she realized that she would have to deal with the sorrow of death, sometimes on a daily basis.  After her time in the Corps and losing many friends to the war, this was not an emotion that she was ready to compromise.

In 1992 she took on a part-time adventure built around desktop publishing.  She attended classes at the community college, led by the editor of the local newspaper, in Desktop Publishing.  This also introduced her to computers.

Her part-time adventure turned into a full-time job after her classes were completed.  She started publishing her own tabloid and actually competed with her teacher and the local community paper.

In 1993 she heard of a new thing called the Internet.  What a great idea this could be!  She thought, as she would not have to deliver all these newspapers through-out the Missouri 8th District.  She could just publish her content through the Internet.  During this time, the Telco, Southwestern Bell was calling the Internet … “a fad.”

However, at that time, the Internet networks had not been built and there was no Al Gore around for miles! So Tori decided that she was going to help build the Internet and she did!

Mass Communications

Tori built her communities first dial-up Internet service in 1993 – Making her one of the first woman Internet Service Providers.

She stayed in the Internet industry and eventually she got into network design of Fixed Wireless networks.

St. Louis Broadband


She built and owned St. Louis Broadband, one of the first Fixed Wireless networks in St. Louis.


WISPA – Wireless Internet Service Providers

During this time, she also sat on her industry associations Board of Directors, WISPA ,  for two terms and served on many committees.  She also lobbied for Fixed Wireless and spoke on Disaster Communications in Washington, D.C. on several occasions.

The Internet was a perfect career for Tori as she is an INTJ personality which also makes her an ‘analytical thinker’! Myers–Briggs Type Indicator

“INTJs form just two percent of the population, and women of this personality type are especially rare, forming just 0.8% of the population – it is often a challenge for them to find like-minded individuals who are able to keep up with their relentless intellectualism and chess-like maneuvering. People with the INTJ personality type are imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious, but they do not squander their energy.” LINK

Today she is retired in the MO8th and lives on the land, enjoying her cabin and lake in, the woods of, the Missouri Ozarks.
lost Her life has come full-circle, as the Internet is built and now she can live out her aspiration of Mass Communications, without all the delivery of newspapers, but only of a push of a button!

She likes to write about many subjects, but is most concerned about our nation and our loss of Constitution and relationship with God.

She can be contacted at: Tori@Proffer.us

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