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While it is true that we are going into a ‘new age’ of electronic surveillance; concern for one’s privacy should be at the forefront of all platforms. Fakebook having access to potent medical information of veterans is NOT what this vet would call SECURE!

Big Tech and the end of our First Amendment!

I know many patriots will see that our group was closed today on the eve of the Trump/Biden debate. This to me shows that someone is SCARED!

The Pedo anarchists’ among us

I have known about our ‘local government’ for over a decade, sadly I was not aware how prolific the growth had been until recently. As one that has co-existed in the Gay communities of California for over half of my life, I see that the LGBTQ movement has grown exponentially and added a new side group, including PEDOPHILES.

VA = Made in CHINA!

Most of America knows we are in a silent war with CHINA. President Trump has taken the BULL BY THE HORNS to pull our ties away from this country that would have us be under a COMMUNIST regime. One of the steps he has taken is with pharmaceuticals manufactured in China.