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WOW – Donald J. Trump and I have ALREADY LOST this ELECTION in Missouri!


This page was featured on Alex Jones Info Wars. However, we believe that this was a ‘misdirect’ from Jones and company.

“At the 1:22 mark Info Wars points to as ‘breaking the story’ however they do not explain how they learned of the site that proves the voter tampering! They even go so far as to state that the page that they are accessing is for “non-public” results. As well they state that the page has been reset … Nothing to see here folks, move along … There are many problems with this story.”

If it Wasn’t the Russians that Hacked the Election – Who was it?

Often, I can’t keep up with what is going with the Internet, so I Google my name to see if there is something I should be concerned about.  Well, today, there certainly is!

Not only were my results posted by, what appears to be an FTP site for, KFVS 12, but so were a lot of other votes!

My understanding is that the elections are not for one week from now!

It appears that I lose my race for the 145th District … With 100% precincts reporting.


But it also appears that Missouri and Illinois favor Hillary Clinton! 


And Darrell Castle, our Constitution Party candidate does not get one vote in IL?

It looks like Greitiens is Missouris next Governor …


Remember those unconstitutional amendments, well Missourians love them, it appears!


Missouri Offices


U.S. Offices and MO Senate


Some might say, they were testing their software, as there were other votes that were not tallied.  Are these the Fixed Votes?


What say you KFVS 12? If it is, here is a suggestion, do not make your FTP site PUBLIC! And thanks for letting us know


Election-Results | MO/IL/KY

Note: I know how I found the above information, but not sure on the below information that Alex Jones reported on and stated that all results were ZEROED out, when on original link results were NOT ZEROED OUT but has same domain. Also Jones does NOT state how he discovered link!






Our Government uses Deceit, Fear and Ignorance to Control Us!

eagleThey are deceitful in the laws that they craft.  Don’t believe me, go read the Patriot Act, which is as ‘patriotic’ as is the state of tyrannical government that currently exists.

They use fear to rule us, so that we fear them.  Our founders intended that our administrative body, which we call government, fear the citizenry!

Fight the fear ~ Question Authority!

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” ~Thomas Jefferson

They muddle up the law so that, for the average lay person, it is difficult to understand.  They dumb down our society with our school systems!

They Indoctrinate, rather than Educate!

I can say these things as I am entering my twilight years and I see through their web of deceit. At this time in our nation I truly fear for my grandchildren, I fear for your grandchildren!  Our nation and state have become lawless!

I do not fear them, as generally they are cowards. I swore, to God, a long time ago, that I would protect this nation with my life, if need be.  That was literally ‘drilled’ into me in the Marine Corps and it is as valid today as it was then.

The more I am researching what monies our ‘lawmakers’ take in and spend the more I know our nation is broken, not just on our federal level, but on our state level and it must be fixed! They have abused the system and we, the citizenry have allowed itWe must not be apathetic about our government, we must remain ever watchful!

The only way our nation is going to be fixed is if the citizenry make it a priority to vote them out! This is the peaceful solution our founders gave us.  I do not want it to come down to the backup solution our founders prescribed.  Even thought they are cowards, and they have drones to prove it,  I do not want to see bloodshed on our beloved countries precious lands! I truly believe we are getting to that boiling point!

pray-for-americaI am not a politician, I a humble Patriot, who has lost her country and constitution and intends on getting what is rightfully mine, yours  and our children’s back, one way or the other!

I am convinced, this is our last chance to get our government back.  As I am finding many of these folks, that I would tend to call sociopaths, are entrenched in our government and society! Don’t know who they are? They are easy to spot in the Missouri Ethics Commission database.  ‘They’ generally have large campaign committee funds, their financial supporters are special interest groups that pay them for their allegiance, rather than you; their constituent that elected them into office! They are the elitist that have been made fat off of their financial alliance with these Tyrants!

wmIt is your civic duty to your country that you get involved. As I believe,  our nation has been subverted! It is my, sworn duty, in these times to put my life on the line for our constitution, my grandchildren and yours! Lets take back our nation the peaceful way, for I fear the alternative!

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” ~Thomas Jefferson

Inform others, educate and vote November 8th!

Rise up Citizen ~ Let District 145 Lead the Way! 


The Shearing of the Sheep or Much Needed Missouri Ethical Reform

sheepWhile Missourians ponder the November 8th ballot measure that will limit campaign contributions, but restrict our First Amendment of our U.S. Constitution, making this an unconstitutional resolution; lets discuss the issue of ethics.

Ethics Reform

In researching my republican opponent Rick Francis it lead me to the MO Leadership Committee of Farmington, MO and then, in July of this year, to the MO Majority PAC, listed as only Majority PAC of Perryville, MO, on Mr. Francis July 2016 MEC filing.  As I have learned both PAC’s connect to former House Speaker Steven Tilley.

The below St. Louis Post-Dispatch article by Tony Messenger explains how former House Speaker Steven Tilley has created a web of, campaign contribution, deceit that would make Tony Soprano blush!

Basically the scam is to take in monies, it does not matter from whom and then fund other polticians. Once those polticians are in office, offer them consulting services, most likely telling them how to legislate, from Mr. Tilley’s or his sisters firm, for basically the same amount that their campaign was funded. Thus laundering the donations and getting them off the Missouri Ethics Commission radar.

After Tilley resigned from office he turned around and immediately started his Lobbyist/Consulting firm, so that he might capitalize on his neferious plan.

Messenger: Lawmakers target Tilley as ethics debate is revived in Missouri

” Tilley never really stopped taking gifts, he just made it harder to figure out which lobbyists’ donations were paying for them. And after a serious committee of legislators produced a strong ethics bill, Tilley used his power as floor leader and speaker-in-waiting to gut it. Eventually, he resigned his seat, became a lobbyist, and put into practice every bit of undue influence a strong ethics bill would have sought to outlaw.” …

“In March 2014, Steve Tilley’s committee, Friends of Tilley, gave $5,000 to Missouri Growth. A month later, Noranda Aluminum, the smelter in southeastern Missouri, gave $5,000 to the committee. Tilley is a lobbyist for the Fair Energy Action Rate Fund, which is an ally of Noranda (and funded by Noranda and others), in the battle against Ameren Missouri electric rate increases.

Missouri Growth’s first actual donation to a state representative came in September 2014. It gave $750 to Rep. Jeremy Lafaver, D-Kansas City. In October, the committee received $1,000 from another committee Tilley used to control as speaker, MO Leadership Committee, and $7,500 from a 501-c-4 nonprofit called Missourians for Low Energy Costs. That committee was the subject of previous Missouri Ethics Commission complaints accusing it of being a shill for Noranda.”

MO Leadership Committee, for this year appears to be, predominately funded by Senator Gary Romine and Representative Kevin Engler; more on them later.

When he resigned, the former speaker had a nearly $1 million campaign account, earning interest from an investment in bank shares. Almost immediately, he began using it to give him an advantage other lobbyists didn’t have, donating five-figure checks to lawmakers who would then turn around and hire him as a consultant, often for similar amounts of money. “

Four years later, an ex-politician is still benefiting from his campaign fund

“Raising campaign funds is for the purpose of running one’s own campaign, and not using it as a hedge fund,” said the law’s sponsor, state Rep. Jay Barnes, R-Jefferson City, who stressed that he was speaking in general terms and not about Tilley specifically. “It’s not for … turning around and using it later to run a business.” …

“Tilley has long invested a large portion of the campaign funds he continues to control, growing tens of thousands of dollars in interest on those funds, from bank stock through a privately held holding company in his hometown of Perryville, Mo. That income, too, is restricted to political use only but can still be donated to the politicians who are being lobbied by Tilley and/or are paying consulting fees to his family.”

And the unethical behavior is a bi-partisan issue!  One can donate to a fund that is to put a democrat in office and later the successful politician can later switch parties and keep their same campaign fund! How is that ethical, it is not!

While Missouri Senator Onder tried to repair the issue of elected politicians immediately turning around and becoming lobbyists, with SB 643, the campaign finance issue still plagues Missourians, so it is up to us to fix it.  By not voting in the unethical that take these monies or voting out the incumbents that do!

If elected I pledge to sign the Missouri Lobbyist Gift-Ban Pledge!

This corruption has to stop in our Missouri politics! 

Isn’t it time to get rid of lawmakers that are lawless?