Donald J. Trump, this Missourian wants to know, Are you for Real?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

I, as many Americans,  have been having a hard time coming to grips with the legitimacy of the Trump candidacy and want to know — Are you for REAL?

The Trump candidacy has certainly influenced me!  In fact, Mr. Trump, is why I am  running on the third-party ticket of the Constitution Party (CST) for the state representative position, in my Missouri district of 145.

In March, when I threw in my hat, Mr. Trump was being ignored by the republican party. It reminded me of Ron Paul, who I supported in 2008 and represented him at our St. Francois County Republican caucus, where I was also their parliamentarian in 2012.

In 2015, I had learned of the Constitution Party (CST) and was 100% in agreement with their platform, especially since it placed God and our U.S. Constitution as the spearhead of the platform.  And sadly, I have been very dismayed with the current republican party, as they have turned into the democrat party; it is hard to tell them apart! Our founders never meant to have our nation controlled by two parties, as that is where we get to where we are today; a corrupt political landscape!

“There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.” ~John Adams

And our founders certainly never meant for ‘special interest’ monies to take over a party, as they have.  It seems that every politician and especially republicans have no moral code for supporting corporations over their constituents! This is truly shameful!  Politicians should not get rich in being of service to their constituents!

It is not necessarily the politician that is corrupt, it is the party that allows that corruption!  For eight years we get a democrat and then we are so mad at the .gov that we elect a republican to fix it and when they don’t we go back to the democrat, rinse and repeat! Then we wake up one day and an ‘agenda‘ is in place that both parties supported! Our nation is, clearly, being manipulated by the two-party system!

It comes as no surprise that Mr. Trump has a past and one that is not pretty, sadly as do I.  I tried to square-away my transgressions when I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart and vowed to walk the Christian path. By being a Christian we cannot judge as that is God’s job! And if one asks for forgiveness it is our duty to forgive, as that is why Christ died for us! I try to imagine the compassion of our God to give His only son, so that we may be redeemed. Imagine giving ones child up so that others may walk in the Light. That act is beyond compassion and selfishness. We must follow that example or we do not walk with Christ, as that is what a Christian is! Christ wants us to lead by example, there is no other way!

My concern, about Mr. Trump, has always been his connection to the Clintons and the concern that he could be the ‘spoiler’ put in place by the corrupt cabal. I still do have that concern, as I am a hard-headed Missourian.  However after watching his last debate, I am, cautiously, getting excited about Donald J. Trump!

He said what needed to be said, the Clintons have run a ‘crime’ syndicate within our country and have left a trail of dead bodies! Not to mention all the sexual assaults that has occurred on both sides of that marriage.  It is disgraceful that people like this are our leaders in a, predominately, Christian nation! There were also many times I had to side with Mr. Trump, especially when he remarked about being a ‘politician‘ … as that has turned into a ‘dirty’ word!

Everyone knows our media is bought and paid for propaganda. Rarely do we see the truth, as we are guided by the ‘slightest‘ of hand to form an opinion that would not necessarily be ours, had we been presented with all the facts. And it is not just the big MSM (Mainstream Media) our small-town papers have not been ignored in this corrupt take-over either!

When one looks at polls from the last debate, it is very confusing, as I did not see one point Ms. Clinton made that would better our country.  In fact, I saw just the opposite.  If there were a negative number for the polls, that is what I would have expected, but I actually saw polls that gave her as high as 40% … I was flabbergasted!  Clearly these polls are as manipulated as our stock market!  So, being the Internet sleuth that I am, I decided to do my own investigation and the results are astounding!*

Date Views Likes Dislikes Location Link
12-Oct 4394 146 276 Las Vegas LINK
12-Oct 698 17 37 Publeo LINK
11-Oct 34136 277 774 Miami LINK
10-Oct 17549 241 607 Columbus LINK
10-Oct 3005 45 126 Detroit LINK
4-Oct 13002 186 571 Harrisburg LINK
3-Oct 15472 204 788 Akron LINK
30-Sep 20134 263 859 Coral Springs LINK
27-Sep 22119 294 730 Raleigh LINK
21-Sep 44864 265 2159 Orlando LINK
15-Sep 110845 220 2173 Greensboro LINK
281,824 2,012 9,100
Date Views Likes Dislikes Location Link
13-Oct 28567 1109 284 West Palm Beach LINK
13-Oct 53110 5644 269 Cincinnati LINK
12-Oct 159965 5569 855 Lakeland, FL LINK
12-Oct 149682 5278 655 Ocala, FL LINK
10-Oct 219556 6531 498 Ambridge, PA LINK
10-Oct 294798 7000 500 Wilkes-Barre, PA LINK
11-Oct 228114 6824 443 Panama City. FL LINK
5-Oct 130046 4149 253 Reno LINK
1-Oct 383016 8181 1219 Manheim, PA LINK
30-Sep 179995 6033 458 Novi, MI LINK
28-Sep 74457 2251 52 Waukesha, WI LINK
1,901,306 58,569 5,486

*Assumptions: I used YouTube (YT) and compared the current rally data. I used the same YT channel, for continuity. I chose their last 12 rallies as my data entry point.

There you have it America! Trump is CLEARLY in the lead.  Do not let the propaganda machines lie to you! And don’t let the voter rigging fool you, as one can bet, knowing this administration and those of past, it will be rigged!

Since my is a campaign site, over the next weeks I will try to decipher if Mr. Trump is the one that is going to get our nation back on track.  I am from Missouri, Mr. Trump, Show-MeIn the meantime if you fail to do so, Mr. Trump, I have my fall-back position, my safe position; as any good Marine would have!

Darrell Castlecastle – Constitution Party – CST. At least he is bound by the platform of our party and one that I highly respect!

As well as Mr. Castle is prior service marinecorpsMarine Corps and I believe in the values that they instill in us, much like the CP platform –

God, Constitution, Country — OoRah!

Frankly, at this point, I would love to see Mr. Trump drop his VP pick, and replace him with our CP pick!

Would that not be a wonderful world! 

Let’s fix this nation — Time for a reset!