This afternoon I received an email from the Veterans Administration stating that they were partnering with Facebook to offer web portals to veterans.

WHY would the VA partner with an infamous company that is responsible for dismantling our FIRST AMENDMENT?

Smart video calling, Story Time, AR experiences and more. 8” HD adaptive display that matches lighting and color of your room, plus front-porting stereo speakers and a rear woofer.

They tag their equipment AI which is powered by Alexa.

Alexa from yet another tech giant Amazon which makes its money from China slave labor. 

My personal trust level for Amazon tanked when I received a NEW computer that was pre-programmed with my name LEGAL NAME! The kicker is it was my married name, which I have never used and only known to the US.gov!

While it is true that we are going into a ‘new age’ of electronic surveillance; concern for one’s privacy should be at the forefront of all platforms. Fakebook having access to potent medical information of veterans is NOT what this vet would call SECURE!

AND there are other options! Facebook came along, just like MICROSOFT,  and made it simple so one did not have to understand ‘code’ to have their place on the Internet. Likewise, they are now doing this with ‘teleconferencing‘ … old tech rebranded, made new and simple. 

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

— Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)