Is 5G Americas Enemy? ABSOLUTELY… ONE of them is!

I started my career in building Internet infrastructure in 1993, because of that I am said to be one of the first women ISP’s! This gives me a great advantage of looking at Big Tech as I have personally witnessed its, taxpayer funded, unbridled growth over the decades 

My journey started with modem dial-up and graduated with fixed wireless in 2014, when I was forced to sell my company due to my ‘service-connected’ injury of the Vietnam era. 

The early Internet consisted, mostly, of geeks and truth seekers; I am a bit of both. The ‘geeks’ built the infrastructure, learning from each other via List Serv networks. While the ‘truth seekers’ filled the Bulletin Board services to discuss … among other things, Conspiracy Theories That is where the Internet had me, I was hooked; as truth is a drug. Learning, with discernment, of the truths that have been hidden from mankind was a Great Awakening, not the mindless Facebook drivel. It reminds me lately of the event of Q; but I digress.

As an ISP I was constantly upgrading my network to the newest technology, as we only served business customers and they needed ‘cutting edge’ technology. We delivered our broadband using FIXED WIRELESS. 

Our network depended on Line of Sight to deploy services. A single high speed, data rich link is setup via point-to-point or point-to-multipoint. Whereas a Mobile network beams out signal via multicast.The mobile signal is then transferred from tower to tower following the user. This takes many, many towers as well as high frequency to carry the data, due to the fact of passing through obstacles, like buildings and even YOU! 

There are two VERY DIFFERENT types of 5G networks. One, I believe, is safe, while the other … 

Fixed Wireless networks generally run on FCC allotted channels that are free to the public. Some frequencies require registering in a database so that others know where one is shooting signal, as to not cause interference. Because Fixed Wireless providers have to work together we formed an organization to help facilitate that.

WISPA, the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association, was organized so we could cooperate and share the ‘license free‘ spectrum. In 1999 The WISP. (Wireless ISP) was born. Most of these ‘Mom and Pop’ shops were independent and self funded. Some popped up because Big Tech or the Telco’s ignored their local rural areas, some because they saw the opportunity to compete with the BIG guys. I am happy to report that my network,

St. Louis Broadband, ended up in the hands of one of these WISPs, the owner I consider an honorable fellow and served with him on the board of WISPA.

Folks have to realize that this 5G technology exists in our nation today and it is provided by WISPs @ 5 Ghz spectrum! These networks, unlike the big Telco’s that spy on us, are generally PRIVATELY FUNDED!

This was published on Youtube on the 7/2/2019 by American Intelligence Media

“Betsy and Thomas read a transcript of an interview with a Google/Facebook/DARPA insider that was conducted with a member of the Anonymous Patriots, a citizen journalist group aligned with the American Intelligence Media. The person interviewed wishes to remain anonymous and for purposes of the interview will be called Jane Doe. This conversation took place on July 1st, 2019.”

I will be closely following for updates. Please EDUCATE yourself!

It is time that not only do we build a wall around our nation, but around our networks!

Time for a downgrade America!