Today Mark and I had an engagement with our local Amish for milk, bread and other baked goods.

Prior to going to meet them, I had decided to print out a page from my website, as I wanted them to know my background. I had intended asking if we could attend their Sunday services, so I was attempting to print out my page for them. I have recently read their literature to understand their culture and I thought this to be respectful.

I can’t tell one of all the technological issues I have had to endure in the last few months. This morning was no different, as my computer would not recognize my printer. One of my first lessons in becoming an ISP is that if it did not work, remove and reinstall. I completed these steps and queued up the document, however as I did my power went completely out. Mark was waiting on me and I decided it could wait.

We went to our appointment with the Amish. My gallon of fresh milk was waiting at our appointed time and location. We then went to pick up my loaves of bread and Farmers cookies. We were met by a young lady who came out to our car and delivered these items. I than asked if we could attend Sunday service and were greeted with a smiling face, sure the public is welcome! I was glad to hear this, as I know this will be a REAL sermon which will feed my soul as will this bread and milk feed my body.

Upon arriving home we see the power company in the road and stopped and asked if my power is back on. He stated that they were working on it now. Coming up onto my gravel road we were met by another BREC vehicle, assuming that to be the other worker and his job completed.

Mark helped me unload the Jeep. I opened the cabin and sure enough, power was restored. I gave Mark a hug and off he went. I came back in and rebooted my computer. My printer started up and started printing. I am thinking this is the document I had in the queue prior to the power going out. But no … to my surprise It is a document I sent the VA in May of this year!

This is the supplemental page:

(Click to enlarge)

You tell me, did I have a visit from Q, or simply God’s Providence?