Poppies will make them SLEEP!

This author could not understand why all the resistance against Amendment 2, as the push back is deafening, even among so called Patriot leaders. Finally it occurred to this naïve writer how it was going to hurt the health care and prison industry of why such push back over a common sense law!

They are fighting for their jobs and the high profiting drug companies that push this dope on our citizens!

When cornered in an argument and there is no place for these dope dependent workers to go, they will then argue the structure of Amendment 2 as it is a Constitutional law, which their political lackeys cannot touch, and then argue to vote for a proposition which can be manipulated in their favor! Why do you think there are three initiatives on the Missouri ballot for this issue?

They hope to confuse the voter!

Think of it, removing opioids from our state would not only benefit Veterans but it would benefit our communities! It would end the war on drugs, by removing dope from easy access to physicians! It would help put a dent in the soldiers that are guarding these Poppy fields in Afghanistan and start bringing them home!

Could this also mean why the leader of the New World Order , H.W. Bush , was called ‘Poppy’?

All kinds of questions with these new found eyes!

Yes on 2 – It’s the RIGHT thing to do!