Promises Kept! Thank you President Trump for YOUR LOVE OF VETERANS!

I may have ‘begrudgingly’ joined the Trump Train, but now

I admit I am President Trump’s  #1 FAN!

… And I don’t mean that in a Kathy Bates ‘sort of way’   

I am a Vietnam era, Vet. I was honorably discharged and medically severed from the United States Marine Corps in 1975.

The DoD gave me a 10% rating for my knee and … the VA gave me the finger! 

I have told of my ‘adventures’ with the VA, they have been pretty sad. The fact remains, I am no hero, I joined because my country needed me and I believed it was my ‘duty’. And so did a lot of other Vets! We take the ‘matter of our nations security’ as a REAL ISSUE! We want to see our Constitution handed down to the next generation!

When I attend my VA appointments am among HERO’S!

They gave so much for our Freedom! I often am moved to tears when I am among them and witness their sacrifices.

When our nation is disrespected, IN ANY WAY – These brave men and women are disrespected!

<rant> Sorry, but this ‘disrespect’ of our President, Nation and Flag is getting out of hand! … I find it ‘ironic’ that it was these men and women’s blood and sacrifice that enabled our constitutional rights to be exercised by a bunch of ingrates that think that socialism/communism is okay in our nation! </rant> 

Getting back to the debachael known as the VA … I decided to hold our newly elected President Trump to his promise and I re-filed my 40+ year old Disability Claim with the VA; on the very day of his Inauguration!

It crawled, at first … but slowly the VA was changing its tune and recognizing its failure and by ‘steps’ awarded my claim! I am now in the President Trump signature program – Rapid Appeals Modernization Program 

I am now rated 90% service-connected, but the VA is paying me at the 100% rate.  I have ‘one’ last appeal and I will be whole!  I can’t tell one how much this changes my life and perspective!

I also watch Veterans forums and am happy to report they are seeing conditions improve, as well!

I have NO DOUBT in my mind that we owe this all to President Trump and his unequivocal love of Veterans!


Oohrah President Trump! 

I know there would have been a HUGE turn out of Veterans that would like to show their ‘RESPECT’ for our President, had this parade not been canceled due to funding issues …