RINO Ryan – Trumped!

We all know Obamacare to be the wreck that it is. As well, it is one of the campaign promises of President Trump to eradicate. He, in keeping with his promise, tried to do so. He allowed the RINO Ryan the opportunity to ‘stand behind’ his Republican president counterpart and salvage the wrecked policy, before it implodes.
Yesterday President Trump tweeted:

Well, the ‘sassy’ Judge Jeanine did not let us down!

It is humorous, to this writer, how these folks do not realize, they were just trumped!

The inevitable implosion of Obamacare is now in the Democrat and RINO lap – Own it!

I can’t wait for President Trump to get our constitution reinstated, as most in our federal government will realize that Obamacare only pertains to them – NOT U.S. citizens!

How Executive Orders Work

…”An executive order, also known as a proclamation, is a directive handed down directly from a president or governor (the executive branch of government) without input from the legislative or judicial branches. Executive orders can only be given to federal or state agencies, not to citizens” …

But one would be remiss  in not asking, where in our constitution does it state that our government is responsible for our healthcare?