The Fewer, the PROUDER ~ The LAST of a dying breed

She is survived by her nephew, my good and honorable friend Tim Huff, whose family has given a lot to our nation and the Corps.

“She was married to my Uncle Richard E. Huff, Marine 1st Sergeant who served in Vietnam. My dad is his next younger brother Larry Huff, and was in the Air Force during the same time, as was Uncle Richard’s and my dad’s older brother James C. Huff also in AF. My grandfather (my mom’s dad) William D. Spouse was a Drill Instructor at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside Ca. He served in Korea during his career in the Marines. My cousin Brian Huff (Uncle Jim’s son) who is a few years older than I also served in the Marine Corps.”

She was buried with Honors at Jefferson Memorial Barracks this last Sunday. 

Sadly WM Huff leaves this WM as the only Vietnam era Marine in the Missouri 8th Congressional District to celebrate the 243 Birthday of the USMC.

Semper Fi!