The Pedo anarchists’ among us

I have been aware, for some time now, that our .gov has MORAL issues!

I have known about our ‘local government’ for over a decade, sadly I was not aware how prolific the growth had been until recently. As one that has co-existed in the Gay communities of California for over half of my life, I see that the LGBTQ movement has grown exponentially and appears to have added a new side group, including PEDOPHILES.

The stench and decay of our nation should not come to anyone’s surprise. It has been there for all to watch and approve. It was such an easy SIN, as we believed we were simply misunderstood and consenting ADULTS; such started the downhill slope to immorality. AND as America’s moral decay grew, so did that of the elect. 

The Bible is clear on this message. 

26 For this cause God gave them up to vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature.

27 And likewise also the men left the natural use of the woman, and burned in their lust one toward another, and man with man wrought filthiness, and received in themselves such [a]recompense of their error, as was meet.

Is it any wonder that communists use God’s plan to destabilize and take over nations? It starts off as just ‘a little’ … 

A family was getting ready to watch a movie. The Father got out the local guide and all the children decided they wanted to see the newest movie their friends were talking about. The Father looked at the guide and saw that it was rated PG -13. The Father took alarm and said no to his children, who then complained that all the other children were seeing this movie and it only had ‘a little’ bit of sex and violence’. Father stood by his convictions and trying to make the blow a bit lesser for his children, decided to bake a batch of brownies. He used all the finest ingredients and when the batch was ready to be mixed he went into the yard and came in with a dog turd and mixed it among the fine ingredients. The children, who were watching exclaimed “Why did you put the turd in our brownies?” The Father cunningly stated: “It was just a little”

This is the way our nation has succumbed to communism, a ‘little bit’ at a time. One moral sin becomes the anchor pin. It grows until we decide to remove God from our Nation, we fall.

Sadly as humankind moved further into  the abyss of moral decay, as did our elect; it was not enough to sin among other ‘consenting’ adults. Children became their target.

This is, IMHO, literally the Devil taking ones soul, as the child that is abused loses their connection to God, and generally repeats the cycle.

The Cycle of Abuse: When Victims Become Offenders

What has our nation turned into that would defile their own children? AND when I say ‘elect’ I mean anything but! They seem to have taken over our nation’s ‘elect’. How much is a Congress’criter’ running for these days? Are they paid in cash? Are they all pedos OR compromised on another level?

Hunter and Joe Biden Scandal Takes a Dark Turn — FBI’s Top Lawyer on Child Porn Involved in Case

Between all the ‘political pundits’ we hear on FAKE NEWS claiming Joe Biden even has a bit of a lead on our president, I say HOGWASH! All one has to do is simply look to President Trumps ‘viewership’ at his rallies tell the TRUE STORY —

He will WIN in a LANDSLIDE!  

President Trump may or may not be aware of QAnon, but he is aware that followers agree, there is