The SUBVERSION of PATRIOTS and the GROUPS they Follow

I started noticing it after becoming a member of OATHKeepers

It truly is sad when one HIDES behind the American Flag and collects PATRIOT followers only to SUBVERT to LEFTIST/COMMUNIST or other nefarious ideals!

The fact is, it is just like the Freemasons! Most of the folks are HONORABLE PATRIOTS that simply want to do the RIGHT THING. In fact many of our Founding Fathers were FREEMASONS! This is one of the reasons why they have such a good reputation; but sadly this is what the UNSCRUPULOUS do!

They hide behind good people only to INFILTRATE and SUBVERT! 

Organizers MANIPULATE the group so that the followers listen to their opinion. The uneducated take it for FACT as they have learned to TRUST the leader and fail to do their own homework! The manipulation can be ever so slight, until one day they recognize that their ideals are no longer AMERICAN ideals that our Founders laid out in our Constitution and Bill of Rights! In today’s society, we ALWAYS have to question AUTHORITY, as it has been PERVERTED! Very similar to FAKE NEWS! 

I proffer this information … 

Stuart Rhodes is the founder of OathKeepers. IT is a NOT a non-profit as one would think it should be! It is simply a NEVADA state non-profit that collects dues and donations, nationwide!

I learned that Mr. Rhodes, a disbarred BAR Attorney, treats his organization as if it were his PERSONAL PIGGY BANK! This is WRONG! I was made aware of this issue when he asked me to form a state chapter in Missouri. When I started researching, as any RESPONSIBLE PERSON would, I found that he was frivolous with monies belonging to the organization. However when he stated to me that the monies our STATE chapter would raise would go to him; I declined and resigned from the OathKeepers! I am sure that most members, if aware of this, would do the same, because they are HONORABLE Veterans. Most of these ‘so called’ leaders, as well, have petty character, as my dues were paid I was BANNED from the discussion forum. I guess Rhodes figured I would do the RIGHT and HONORABLE thing and inform the membership. He would have been RIGHT! I knew later when OK was removed from the Bundy Ranch prior the Occupation of the Malheur Refuge, I did the RIGHT THING. My OATH is precious to me as it is a PACT WITH GOD. I consider myself a TRUE Oath Keeper!

LaVoy Finnicum … A TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT was murdered by federal authorities during that event, WHILE SURRENDERING!

It was a VERY sad loss! OathKeepers may have not prevented the murder, but the question will always be Who knows?

FACE Book does a similar thing, however on the local level. I joined FB in 2010. I thought it was a great platform as ‘nomies’ could use it. This in NO WAY is meant as a disrespectful comment, as most applications prior to social media were difficult to learn, unless one had a ‘computer background’. The average person has no time to learn, as their concern are, rightfully so, Families and Jobs. The conversation that I had envisioned since 1993 began! While some spoke of gardens and canning, others include me; spoke of the taboo topics Politics and Religion!

These are the VERY topics, if discussed in a polite and calm manner, can bring our nation together! I am the FIRST to admit it is HARD TO STAY CALM when dealing with folks that have not educated them selves on these issues!

In 2012 I started noticing the local groups starting up. They were groups that started with “What is Happening in …” The two groups I am familiar with belong to St. Francois County, my home county where I grew up, and Madison County, where I currently live. These groups started out as PUBLIC groups and gained vast followers and that later turned into SECRET GROUPS, as this is the ‘typical art’ of SUBVERSION! Moderators of these groups, particularly the St. Francois group became overnight Rock Stars in their mind, because folks were familiar with these individuals, some were neighbors and business owners in their community. I then noticed the conversation changing as the MODs led these followers down an UNPATRIOTIC path. I call them POKEYMON groups … as they will get one to follow and all the while are being lead off a cliff!

America has a VERY special gift that we must VIGILANTLY GUARDOur Constitution and Bill of Rights.

“At the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, a Mrs. Powel anxiously awaited the results, and as Benjamin Franklin emerged from the long task now finished, asked him directly: “Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” “A republic if you can keep it” responded Franklin.”

It is YOUR responsibility to KNOW WHO YOU FOLLOW!