Time to drain the SEMO SWAMP!!!

As I was getting ready for the day that I knew was going to be stressful, I posted to my FB page:

It was the day of my aunt’s funeral and I really was nervous about going into a ‘tithing’ church being raised in one I am proud to say I haven’t been in one in DECADES as well as meeting PROFFER relatives, but that is another story …

That evening I put the GPS coordinates into my phone so we would be able to find the church in St. Peters. I always hate leaving my land and going to St. Louis, the city is grey, cold, and dead. As well the traffic seems to make Mark (my friend and aid ) nervous. He would much prefer to swing a chainsaw out in the woods! I don’t blame him and am happy to have him as our guide. We stopped to pick up my sister, Stacy, so that she could pay her respects as well. According to Google, we were on-time and when Google announced we had arrived we were amazed by all the vehicles! I knew my aunt was loved but had no idea that it was this much. However, nothing is always this easy as appears. Governor Parson’s was holding a rally at approximately the same location. We came upon a security detail that had a sign from the church stating that parking and shuttle were available several miles away. We went to that location, thinking that there had been a screw-up in date setting only to find there was no one there. At this point, now running a half-hour late, Google changed the map on us, so we were TOTALLY LOST!

If anyone knows me, they know as a Marine I pride myself on being on time, running late makes me nervous, driving in STL, makes Mark nervous … It was not a fun ride!

We made it to her service and I have pictures to prove it, but by then most had left. As I paid my respects, I ran into her minister and he seemed glad to meet one of his flocks’ niece. I explained to him that Opal and I had just recently re-acquainted ourselves and we enjoyed speaking of scripture. Sadly a very big topic for me we had just broached, which was Geneva Bible. It predates the KJV by 51 years and is an actual translation of Hebrew and Greek, whereas KJV is a translation of English of that period and relying heavily of the Geneva, as well as I wanted his thoughts on women in the ministry, as my aunt was an ordained minister. The Geneva was the Bible of Queen Elizabeth and for the ‘common people’ whereas the King James was for the ‘Royals’. As he gripped his KJV he looked over me, excused himself, and moved on to a more ‘worthy‘ conversation.

Remember Queen Esther?

My aunt did 😍 as her very first poem in her book is entitled

For Such A Time As This Esther.

14 For if thou holdest thy peace at this time, [a]comfort and deliverance [b]shall appear to the Jews out of another place, but thou and thy father’s house shall perish: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for [c]such a time?

Women of the ministry is yet another topic I will address in the future. And so is my aunt’s cookbook as I hope to digitize and share with the world! We are not done with Queen Esther as I believe it is time to stop wars and be at Peace, Queen Esther’s lesson of selflessness needs to be applied to our daily lives.😉

At this point, I am thinking … why did we go through this trouble? As I watch the expensive funeral flowers being ushered out of the church. My aunt is in my heart and she will live there forever, as I believe, it was through her prayers she saved my 11-year-old life!😇

We headed back home but decided to stop and have lunch. We stopped @ Pasta House, my sister and I shared a carafe of wine with our pasta lunch, to relax from the days’ misadventure. I was never so happy to head home! Mark got us home safe and I have NO DOUBT was relieved to be on his way home.

My sister decided to stay a few days with me in my RV as I have an upcoming VA appointment that she wanted to be apprised of. And of course, she loves my beautiful wooded lake lot. My upcoming appointment is to deal with my severe neuropathy as well as Ischemic Heart disease. It was just last year I had to have a quadruple bypass and eight stents put into place.  My “100% service-connected” health condition is not in relationship to having Agent Orange exposure during the Vietnam war.

This year I purchased an ATV as it helps me get around since I have lost my balance and can no longer hike my property. I decided to ‘show-off’ to my sister on my ATV … and that is when it happened! I dumped my ATV and Mark nowhere in sight! 😆 I panicked as the last time I had fallen I got three broken ribs and the VA had cautioned me that anytime I fell to go to ER. Mark not being around, my sister called 911 who responded with a Fredericktown Police Officer out of jurisdiction, a sheriff deputy, and an ambulance.


I have held my mouth shut for far too long!

Let me introduce you to the Fredericktown Police Department … 2010 their leader …

Ex-cop, scout leader from Fredericktown, Mo., gets life for sex crimes

A former Fredericktown, Mo., police captain and Boy Scout leader was sentenced in St. Charles this morning to three consecutive terms of life in prison plus 22 years for sexual contact with two young boys.

Kenneth D. Tomlinson II, 43, once held the Fredericktown Police Department’s top job. In November, he pleaded guilty on 16 counts of statutory sodomy, three counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and three counts of possession of child pornography. He admitted to having sexual contact with two boys in 2009, beginning when they were 11 and 13 years old.

How could one climb a ladder so high and not have accomplices? But yet, he was the only one arrested.

This is the same police department that went six miles out of their jurisdiction to come to my home and harass me. But sadly this is NOT my first ride in this rodeo, as they have been out on my NO TRESPASSINGposted‘ property before. Supposedly there was a gunshot fired and they believed it to be me. Although my small Lake Owners Association of Lost Valley Lake allows for hunting but do not allow for guns … Not sure they understand LAW & ORDER as they seem to think that their rules are meant for those to be ruled! Their excuse for coming out, in the dark to my very rural home was that a neighbor complained, but no police report was filed. But again, another story

Last year when I had to go by ambulance for my emergency stents, I had to spend about four hours in the waiting room of the local ‘small town‘ hospital. I observed the ER doc and watch him on his rounds. He ‘appeared’ to me to be under the influence of something. I could not tell as he had his faculties about him but seemed distracted. I had this same doctor on this particular visit. He looked at me and not seeing any outstanding issues, but wanted to send me to St. Louis to be further examined, I objected. He stated it would be against medical advice for him to discharge me. I hadn’t been admitted and told him and went outside to wait on Mark to pick me up.

I walked out to a  big tree in the front parking lot. About the time I got settled I see a police car pull into the parking lot and then another. A tall man gets out of the vehicle, putting on his gloves. I sink into the ground as I know,  instinctively, I am getting ready for


It took SIX of MAD Co’s finest to beat down this 65 y.o. woman Vietnam veteran!

But I bet the fellow that emptied the can of mace in my eyes, nose, and ears … had to use some ice, as I was glad to ‘rack his balls’ for him.

“Take me to the Brig. I want to see the “real Marines”. Major General Chesty Puller, USMC –

You know MAD Co, Marines aren’t supposed to be captured by the ENEMY of the PEOPLE! And that is what people should consider LEO that doesn’t abide by the Constitution, whereas one group of people is not SUBJECT to the law. Macing me and imprisoning me for 12 hours on a concrete floor was a micro-penis move!

I don’t remember much after the beat down, as I was blinded and could barely breathe. I was transported to the Fredericktown PD and held. This PD does not have a jail and depends on the sheriff jail down the street. I was transported to the sheriffs jail where I spent twelve hours in a concrete cubical appx 6×4. There was no toilet and no water. Just a concrete floor and a drain in the center of the small room. SHAMEFUL! I can see treating TERRORISTS or Pedophiles like this, but TAX PAYING CITIZENS? LEO is to be PUBLIC SERVANTS and PEACE Officers … NOT THUGS!

When I first moved back to this area in 2014, I was impressed with all the sheriff’s swat and military-grade equipment. I am sure this is from the 0bama era. I just cannot understand why a county of 12k, with few trained officers, why would they need this type of equipment?

Now let me tell you about the sheriff that swears she is a Constitutional SheriffKaty McCutcheon, who heads the 10-man Sheriff’s department in Fredericktown, Missouri.

I-Team questions sheriff over missing evidence

FREDERICKTOWN, Mo. — Troubling allegations have surfaced about a Missouri Sheriff’s Department losing evidence.

In this case, it was a piece of rare jewelry stolen during a home burglary.

Our cameras were rolling as our I-Team confronted the Madison County Sheriff about contradictions over what happened to that evidence.


Missouri 9,965

So what say you #QAnon …

Secret Societies and several ‘children‘s groups in the area …

Is this the makings of a ‘Pedo Island’?

If you want to be RESPECTED LEO, don’t be a THUG!