UPDATE: Bollinger Chamber of Commerce

It appears that the Bollinger Chamber of Commerce has started up their newsletter again.  Maybe they were getting heat from other BOCO businesses?

However, they have failed to include my ad!

I bet my ad will start appearing after November 8th! 

There is NO EXCUSE for this type of hubris behavior!It is a shameful state of society we are in today!

Amazing that they still have me in their directory … With the only contact as my AT&T phone that has now been disconnected from the AT&T network! 


Both the Bollinger Chamber of Commerce membership and the AT&T service were PAID IN FULL!

How can a Chamber do this, other than the fact that the Vice President is a Francis that donated to ‘Friends for Francis! How can AT&T just indiscriminately stop service without notice?!?

I knew ‘politics’ would be ‘dirty’ as I believe the taking of ‘special interest’ monies SHOULD BE a criminal matter, as it is taking corporate monies over the citizens voice! It ‘seems’ like bribery to me! 

But to have a Chamber of Commerce involved … I am absolutely astounded! As the chamber should have HIGHER STANDARDS!

It just goes to show you folks, they will stop at nothing to get their ‘chosen’ in office!