Victoria (Tori) Proffer announces candidacy – Missouri House District 145

March 14, 2016, Surrounded by Explorers. Jefferson City - Lewis and Clark Memorial
March 14, 2016, Surrounded by Explorers. Jefferson City – Lewis and Clark Memorial

With growing concerns of the direction our country is taking, Tori Proffer announces her candidacy for Missouri House District 145.  She will be running as a Missouri Constitution Party candidate, as she believes that it is the two-party system that has stemmed the continued abuse of our Constitution and the only way to fix it is to get back to the basics of Rule of Law, our Constitution and God.

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The Two-Party System = The Pillars of Corruption

Missouri House District 145
Missouri House District 145

The 145th District includes Bollinger, Madison and most of Perry Counties.  She lives in Madison county, but her roots stem from Marble Hill, MO, where her Grandparents – Milas Rhodes and Ruth Proffer-Rhodes were life-long residents.

U.S. MarineShe is a former U.S. Marine – Vietnam era.  Proffer stated “In those days, we trained as the guys.  I guess that is why we had such a high attrition rate, less than 3,000 women served during Vietnam.  That is  why my oath of service is so precious to me, as it was a challenge to be part of my beloved Marine Corps.  I believe that my oath is not something that just goes away, as it is a pact with God, that I honor and keep, as I am an Oath keeper!”

She recently organized a rally in St. Francois County, Missouri Citizens against DNR Land and Cash Grab, in regarding to the abuse of ASARCO funds, property rights and the loss of private land to federal and state government.

MO Citizens against DNR Land and Cash Grab – Opening Ceremony

She manages and publishes the alternative news site (Missouri 8th Congressional District), who sponsored the above event.

About the Publisher

mass-commShe is one of the first women Internet Service Providers (ISP) and established the first Internet services in St. Francois County  in 1993.  She stayed in her industry and was elected and served two-terms on her Industry associations board of directors, the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA). She chaired the Bylaws Committee as well as the Disaster Committee.  She lobbied for the fixed wireless technology in Washington, D.C., meeting with Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson, Senator Claire McCaskill and Senator Roy Blunt.  She also spoke about Disaster Communications at Ft. McNair, National War College – Washington, D.C., regarding the importance of wireless for our first responders.  She has also met with FEMA directors, in explaining the importance of fixed wireless in our communities and how it can help our citizens communicate during disasters.

After building and maintaining one of the first WiMAX networks in St. Louis, her aspirations were to retire by her lake in Madison County.  However with the nature of where our country is going and the loss of our Rule of Law, our Constitution, she has decided to run for office.  She states:

“It is not an option as much as it is an obligation.  When our country is so lost, the only way that I can see to repair it is on the state and local level.  We have to start looking at our root structure and how our nation has lost our Rule of Law, our Constitution and our God.  The corruption of our nation starts in our community and roots itself in our schools and proliferates to our state and federal government.  The Marine Corps trained me to be a warrior and that is what I will continue to be!  I won’t consider myself a Politician, as much as I will consider myself a Patriot with a mission.  The Proffer’s are rooted in our community and have been Christian leaders in religion and politics, I intend to continue the Proffer-Rhodes tradition.  Psalms 33:12 tells us “Blessed is the nation whose God is still Lord“, let Missouri and District 145 lead the way!”

“Let us not seek the Republican or the Democrat answer, but the right answer.” -John F. Kennedy

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“In the begining of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave hated and scorned.  When his cause succeeds however the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”  – Mark Twain

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“Marines fight and win- that’s what we do, that’s who we are. To be a Marine is to do what is right in the face of overwhelming adversity.” -Anonymous



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