What is up with the Bollinger County Chamber of Commerce?

In the beginning of  my campaign I sighed up with the Bollinger Chamber of Commerce (BOC).  I was just going to do an individual membership, but Ms. Patricia Welker stated that if I purchased a business membership that I would receive an ad in their weekly newsletter and could publish my website.

For the first few weeks, my ad did appear in their Friday newsletter.

However on July 22nd I and the other chamber members received an email, from the gal that had signed me up, Ms. Welker the Administrative Assistant of the BOC.  She was complaining that the BOC was changing her job description to something that was not in her original agreement. Below is the .pdf of the content of that email.


They fired Ms. Welker, a six year employee.

On August 19th I emailed the president of the chamber Becky Davenport:

” Hello,

I recently joined the Bollinger Chamber of Commerce because of the newsletter as one of the stated benefits. I find the newsletter is no longer being produced. Is there no longer a Bollinger Chamber of Commerce?

Victoria Proffer”

She responded that same day:

“Ms Proffer, Thank you for your email, I am sorry we have had a change in staffing!  The newsletter will begin again later this month!  Thank you!”

Today is the 15th of October and still there is no weekly newsletter, as stated as a benefit as a business member.  And as of today, their website, with my business listing, is not resolving.


UPDATE: BOC must have seen our article, as now their website is back up.  Good for them! Other members should not be ‘penalized’ because of what appears to be ‘pettiness’ …

What I find interesting is the fact that my republican opponent, Rick Francis may be associated to BOC, in some form or fashion.

Is there any connection?


If there is, this is disgraceful!

And no way to manage a Chamber of Commerce!

And has to show the voter that we need to get rid of corrupt politics in Missouri!

UPDATE: YES there is a connection!

Rick Francis’ MEC 2016 April report –


Isn’t this ‘election tampering’?