2018 Is on ‘Q’ to be the Best Year – Ever!

When I started building Internets in the early 90’s, I was considered one of the first woman ISPs. It was a title that I lived up to from Dialup services, DSL, Cable and ending my career with fixed Wireless. I remember in the early days going to Southwest Bell to lease more landlines for my dial-up business and was asked, ‘why are you wasting your money? The Internet is a fad and will not last.’ I disagreed and said, more PRI’s please

I saw the Internet as ‘mass communications’ that would remove the spell of the Tower of Babble and bring humankind together on a global level. It would change the living room TV into a two-way conversation. It would create ‘stars’ overnight, not the ‘pretentious‘ of the TV world kind; but citizen journalists. It would shed light into a dark world. Well, after 25 years I can say – I was RIGHT!

Of course when I started building networks, there were not the platforms that we now have that are convenient to some,  and maybe others not. One such platform is Facebook, which most have found easy to command. Another that has recently become popular, due to our hip president, is Twitter. I manage a Facebook group for my friends that are not ‘twitter friendly’ or just want discussion and tweet for our Commander-in-Chief, so they will not miss out on his daily comment; as we Deplorable Patriots know it will not be headlined on CNN!

My Facebook feed has become ‘cluttered’ lately with ciphers from yet another Internet platform called Image boards that one will find @ 4 and 8 chan (net lingo). A mysterious person going by the handle of ‘Q has sparked much speculation on the Internet about our president and his behind the scene deeds as he drains the swamp. And trust me folks, not only is our president bringing us much needed ‘change‘ that this Patriot can believe in, but the swamp is being drained! Not just in our beloved country, but globally!

I proffer to you one of the Internets’ most talented citizen journalist, who describes herself as: “Malice author, sex crime survivor & investigative journalist censored by MSM for covering Clinton corruption, sex trafficking & Seth Rich. Pedogate is REAL” Liz Crokin and her interview on SGT Report.

Grab your coffee and buckle up, as you are in for a ride!