A Leap of Faith

When I started my ‘adventure’ I decided the best thing to do, when I retired from building Internets, was to hide out and gain knowledge. I bought a piece of land in the rural Missouri Ozarks. Among other things I brought with me a copy of the U.S. Constitution and many versions of the Bible. I figured out I was going to figure out what was wrong with our nation. Lol, in hindsight, such a hubris thought!

Let me tell you what I have learned … The Bible takes a ‘leap of faith’ to believe … Talk about a wonderful story book! There were giants that walked the earth, in those days. There is a ‘hidden hand’ that no one sees that does ‘acts of God’. One could tell of coming events if they knew how to read the planets and stars.  And if one leads a good life they would be ‘harpazo’ed off to a Wedding Feast’ and everlasting life in His kingdom, right before the destruction of humanity! What amazing things the Bible promises! And all we only have to do is be ‘moral’ and act ‘Christ-like’ so we are a reflection of God’s son; Jesus.

As for our Constitution, yet another ‘leap of faith’ is required. It is that leap of faith, which all men and women are of moral character and created equal. You see, our Constitution goes hand in hand with our Bible, although it does not specifically state it. It requires humankind to be ‘self-governing’ … It is based on Common Law, not Commercial/UCC Law; God’s Law. It is based on ‘God given’ rights.  We have the right to be free and unburden from an over powering tyrannical government. We have the right to own property without taxation. We have the right to fair and ethical elections and government. We have the right to travel, without restriction. We have the right to marriage, without state intervention. We have the right of choice in our own specific Religion. We have the right to free speech and a press that will speak the truth without bias. We have the right to bear arms in the event that our government becomes tyrannical. But before we exercise that right we have the right to petition our government for redress of grievances.

John Adams said:Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

It is clear of what has happened to America, sadly, we have lost our moral code.  Don’t believe me, just turn on the nightly news! We are a country divided. Every day one can read about disrespecting the highest office of the land. I can understand this result, as that office has been disrespected. It started a long time ago, when our government got off track and started working against ‘WE the people’; it worked to trap, ensnare and enslave. By forming courts that only practice commercial law, our government has failed its citizenry. By having corrupt and compromised elections, our government has failed its citizenry. By allowing persons of dual citizenship, or oath, to be our law makers, our government has failed its citizenry.

It is now going to take that same ‘leap of faith’ to believe that WE the People can restore our nation! I, for one, am glad to see that we have a leader that I believe posses that ‘leap of faith’ and loves our nation for what it stands for. And I for one am glad I found God to walk with at this time, because I believe that is key to restoring our nation!