Since discovering a ‘predictive‘ military site; in 2012, I have been concerned and following their site. I found it astounding when I originally stumbled across it via a Conspiracy Forum. From their numbers, it appeared that not only does America suffer a major loss of population, but our GDP and Military Budget is drastically cut!

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Sadly, during these years, I believed it to be true due to the nature of our corrupt and evil leadership. 

Today however, when visiting I get new information! Still looks like there could be a war in the coming years; but these numbers are better than the originally proposed … sort of. 

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Taking a big hit on our GDP and Military Budget; and 200M> loss of population. Looks like WAR is in our future. 

Here is to 2019, PRAYING Deagle is wrong and Qanon is right and we #DRAINTHESWAMP. AND improving these GDP and Military Budget numbers, like we know President Trump can do!

Happy New Year!