And You thought this was America — U.S. Constitution SUSPENDED?

Land of the Free, home of the Brave Is no longer a true statement about our country! More like Land of the Corrupt elitist, Home to the left-wing Communist, is more succinct! 

Constitution is BANNED in Federal Courthouse

”Witnesses have told me that the US Marshals have decided that they will no longer allow copies of the US Constitution to be brought into the courthouse. They have even gone so far as to remove them from ladies’ purses to be discarded into the trash. It is not limited to just those that are showing from shirt pockets.
Defendant Eric Parker, who has consistently placed a copy of the Constitution in his pocket during these proceedings, was forced to remove it and told to keep it flat at the defendants table so the jury could not see it.”

These men are standing trial for the protest at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. This protest resulted in the ambush and subsequent murder of LaVoy Finicum.

Shocking Footage Shows Alternative View Of LaVoy Finicum’s Murder

One has to ask, Why are these federal employees not on trial for murder? And why is our Rule of Law being suspended in this case, by a federal judge? This writer would like to know, does this jury understand about Jury Nullification?

And if that does not wake one from their slumber, time to catch up on the events of JUST the past 24 hours! It appears our U.S. Constitution has been SUSPENDED!

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano Fired for Revealing Obama-British Intel Spying on Trump

“Following President Donald Trump’s message on Twitter earlier this month — that he believed the Obama administration spied on Trump Tower –Napolitano appeared on Fox News shows and said England might be the missing link.

Last Thursday, again addressed the Obama spy allegations saying Great Britain’s signal intelligence agency — Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) — is connected with America’s National Security Agency (NSA) computers and “most likely provided [former President Barack] Obama with transcripts of Trump’s calls.”

CIA Analyst – Trump Wiretap Was Probably Done Via British GCHQ, 1534

And then lets talk about the joke of a Congressional Hearing that is currently taking place …


“Evidence surfaces Rep. Adam Schiff, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, fed FBI Director James Comey the questions and answers that were televised to the world…”

Congressman Adam Schiff (D) had a fundraiser hosted by a Ukraine arms dealer with heavy ties to George Soros! #ComeyHearing

It is clear, to this writer, America has fallen, it is only a matter of time, if President Trump does not start to intervene in these matters and loses his credibility,  before this war jumps from the T.V. and Internet onto the streets. It is WAY PAST time for Grand Jury’s to convene and clean up this debacle of treason against our Constitution!

Pray for our country!

~Semper Fi!