Bed, Breakfast, Barack and Birth Certificates!

One might ask what does a B&B, Barack Obama and Birth Certificates have in common. Pour a cup of Joe or your favorite beverage and I will tell you the story …

When I started building Internet networks in 1993 I believed the world could answer the question ‘Why are we here? AND Are we alone?’ … After 9/11 the question then turned into ‘Who are the traitors to our nations?’ Even with the mass proliferation of ‘smartphones’ both questions are still valid today. Although with the former, thanks to the Internet, we do have Qlue!

I chose to exit ‘society’ over four and a half years ago, opting for my rural five acres, where people only ‘virtually’ exist in my reality, the Internet; with a few exceptions. The first was the Property Rights rally I organized, in 2015. I saw what our state was doing with monies earmarked for specific purposes, like clean drinking water, squandering them for what many perceived a self-centered’ project of former governor Jay Nixon. In 2016 I left for a few short excursions, to run for office, as I figured most folks @ our state capital did not comprehend and understand our constitution as they were crafting laws to the contrary … And we know how that turned out  … 

In 2017 I just about lost it, in every way, I was having major financial problems, where I felt if they continued in that direction I would simply become another ‘homeless veteran’ for the rolls. I took, now President, Donald Trump’s promise to heart and filed for my Veteran’s disability, which I had earned during the Vietnam Era and for decades had fought the V.A. only to be denied. I filed on the day of our Presidents Inauguration. In February of 2018 I received my first award, of many, and was finally recognized as a ‘service-connected’ Vietnam Era Veteran! The following day, after receiving my award, I had an accident, due to my ‘service-connected’ injury, which sent me to the hospital for weeks, good timing, eh? It left my left side paralyzed where I was only able to get around via walker. I tried those store ‘scooters’ only to knock down a display in Wal-Mart.  Today mostly, I believe, due to CBD oil I can now walk with the assistance of a cane.

After several months of recovery, I was able to attend one of the ‘Trump Rallies’. By this time I had help in getting around and I was not going to miss the fellow that literally saved my home. Mark, friends and I stood in the rain for over four hours to see a President that has virtually changed my life!  (LINK)

Other than errands, my ‘social’ life is among my friends who I have met on this journey and the new ones I gain ‘virtually’ on the Internet and have hopes of meeting in the future. My life this winter had been confined to V.A. appointments and errands. Realizing that I was becoming a victim of ‘cabin fever’ I decided to spend some of my ‘newly found’ VA money and treat Mark and me to a day trip and bed and breakfast.

The Inn and Keeper were outstanding. It was a beautiful home in its time and is kempt in its condition today. The room was perfect, as it allowed me access without a bunch of stairs. The breakfast, although I had to get mine ‘to go’ was perfect. At breakfast I met the Inn owner, he was a retired M.D. with the Chicago V.A. How Ironic that I was spending this hard fought for monies with ones that, most likely, were of the ‘deniers’ of the V.A. monies to veterans. As we were leaving we went through the foyer where my attention was drawn to a black and white of, what appeared to be a younger Abe Lincoln, but it seemed off to me. One of the workers of the Inn instructed me to look deeper … I didn’t see it. The jest was that Obama had been overlaid on Lincolns face to show that they were one in the same. It was the remark that he was born in ILLINOIS that sent me bounding out the door, never to return! Anyone that has concern for our nation and had done their due diligence, as I did in 2012, would know that the reason 0bama spent millions hiding his records was because he, most likely, was born in Kenya!

I will never go back. Why?

I do not understand the ‘mindset’ of simply ignoring facts! Obama, I seriously doubt, because of my own research into his birth certificate was a NOT a legitimate U.S. citizen for candidacy of the highest office of the land! Why has the issue of his ‘falsified‘ birth certificate not been addressed.  As well why were all of his public records not released? As well why has the, what I consider, TREASONIST, act of McCaskill and McCain that changed the definition, with their Resolution 511, of Natural Born in our Constitution … WITHOUT A VOTE and never addressed!?! Some folks do not even realize that the ‘law’ is now on the books! From a recent article: 


“Host Anderson Cooper was talking to the author Jerome Corsi, whom he described as an “advocate of many conspiracy theories,” including the one casting doubt on whether Obama was actually born in the United States, a constitutional requirement to serve as president.” …

Until our nation acknowledge neferious the CRIMES of the last administrations … America will be divided.

This veteran will not support any businesses that furthers the division of our nation!