Browder and The Magnitsky Act

Why is MSM in such an uproar over the most HISTORICAL event in American history since going to the Moon?

Meeting Russia’s president in a world forum, is something this Marine Corps veteran was very happy to see.  For decades the US ‘war machine’ has been covertly taking over nations for their assets, costing us treasury, blood, destroying lives and countries!

If ever there was a time for World Peace, this is it! So why is MSN ‘vocally’ calling out the president and sighting … Treason?  

Probably because some folks are in BIG trouble. Like ‘necktie’ trouble … I suspect. ... there may have been multiple coups going on for world dominance!

I proffer this information … 

I’m Bill Browder. Here’s the Biggest Mistake Putin Made When Trying to Get Access to Me Through Trump

“Browder is the founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management and was the largest foreign investor in Russia until 2005. Since 2009 when his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, died in prison after uncovering a $230 million fraud committed by Russian government officials, Browder has been leading a campaign to expose Russia’s endemic corruption and human rights abuses.”

Bill Browder is the grandson of Earl Browder, Chairman of the Communist Party USA.

Recently, President Putin requested to interview Browder regarding missing funds and unpaid taxes from Russia. MSM seems to now have different talking points, but all calling our president ‘treasonist’ even for meeting with Putin.

I find this absurd! 


 ALL countries should strive for peace among nations.

What American cannot stand by that ‘ideology’ and stand with our President and President Putin for taking the first steps!

The Cold War is behind us, there is only one direction …

 “Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” ~John F. Kennedy

Let us not forget, it was JFK that thought there could be Peace between Russia and the U.S.!

Jeffrey Sachs tells Fareed Zakaria about a JFK speech that helped bring peace between U.S. and the Soviet Union.

But now back to Broward, who just maybe the ‘focal’ and partial ‘funding’ point of the deep state corruption that appears to not only threatened our Republic, but Russia as well!

In my cursory search I first come across a film that has been dogged by Browder so as it is kept in the shadows.

Film by Andrei Nekrasov: ‘The Magnitsky Act. Behind the Scenes’

“Despite all the threats of lawsuits and physical intimidation which hedge fund executive William Browder brought to bear over the past couple of months to ensure that a remarkable investigative film about the so-called Magnitsky case would not be screened anywhere, it was shown privately in a museum of journalism in Washington, D.C., last week.

The failure of the intimidation may give heart to others. There is talk that the film may be shown publicly in Norway, where its production company is located, but where an attempt several weeks ago to enter it into a local festival for documentaries was rejected by the hosts for fear of lawsuits. Moreover, a Norwegian court has in the past week declined to hear the libel charges which Browder’s attorneys were seeking to bring against the film’s director and producers.”

The Norwegian Film Institute had this to say:

“A drama about a Russian police plot to steal a billion dollars from a US financier and murder his faithful tax lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, turns into a real life investigation of contradicting versions of the crime.

What started as a drama about a Russian police plot to steal a billion dollars from a US financier and to murder his faithful tax lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, has become a real life investigation of contradicting versions of the crime. The Magnitsky Case is central for the policy of blacklisting bad guys from Putin’s Russia (Magnitsky List), which was then adopted by the West in retaliation for Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Shockingly for the film’s director, dissident and Putin basher Andrei Nekrasov, the official Western story turns out to have serious flaws.”

The NY Times states:

“It’s difficult to pin down the moment when I thought it was a lie, it’s a made-up story,” he said. One clue, he said, was that “there was no sign of whistle-blowing” on the part of Mr. Magnitsky.

People familiar with the Magnitsky case expressed doubt that he was in on a conspiracy. “When I was in the government,” said Michael A. McFaul, a former United States ambassador to Russia, “we studied closely his tragic case and had a radically different assessment.”

Michael Anthony McFaul (born October 1, 1963)[1] is an American academic who served as the United States Ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014. (No doubt more on him later.)

…”Enter Mr Andrey Nekrasov, a Russian dissident filmmaker. He made a few films considered to be highly critical of Russian government. He alleged the FSB blew up houses in Moscow in order to justify the Chechnya war. He condemned the Russian war against Georgia in 2008, and had been given a medal by Georgian authorities. He did not doubt the official Western version of Browder-Magnitsky affair, and decided to make a film about the noble American businessman and the brave Russian lawyer fighting for human rights. The European organisations and parliamentarians provided the budget for the film. They also expected the film to denounce Putin and glorify Magnitsky, the martyr.

However, while making the film, Mr Nekrasov had his Road to Damascus moment. He realised that the whole narrative was hinging on the unsubstantiated words of Mr Browder. After painstaking research, he came to some totally different conclusions, and in his version, Browder was a cheat who run afoul of law, while Magnitsky was his sidekick in those crimes.”

It all reads like a fantastic spy novel … where our congress and past administrations can’t help but be complicit! 

One thing is certain, we are talking about BIG bucks … Another thing is for sure, if America does not get its collective ‘head’ out of the ‘boob box’ …

We are all going down!

Where we go one, We go All!

“Keep your eye on the ball” ~Q