Civil War or Martial Law?

Sadly it appears that our country is divided to the point of, in many cases, violence. I blame this in part on the corrupt Main Stream Media. But in part we must examine their enablers! I consider these folks TRAITORS to our nation. They need to be put on trial for their crimes.

High crimes and misdemeanors

I recently polled the Deplorable Patriots regarding how they felt about civil war. I was surprised to find that the majority believe that one is right around the corner. I believe that anyone, with a rational sense of reality and that, has been reading between the lines, can see that sides/lines have been drawn. In fact, the lines were drawn a long, long time ago; when our flag was captured

I do believe that God has intervened and sent us a President that has taken on this dark force. I also believe that President Trump has the upper hand, on many issues. I believe, not only his he a “stable genius” … but I also believe that he has God’s ear. And probably some of Uncle John’s notes. As well he has my Marine Corps!

Speaking of Marines … my last duty station was MCRD San Diego where I was an 0151 (admin) for Motor Transport. Daily I would receive manilla envelopes with updated SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) which I would have to sign for and date. I had a huge three-ring-binder that I would take out the canceled and replace with active memos and directives.  Today, it appears that the Marines are using the Internet for this purpose, what a great idea! However I am not so sure it is good for OPSEC as one of these messages has recently gone VIRAL!

DoD prepares for martial law in CONUS: Marines approved for activation on American soil

Frankly, at this point with all of the TREASON that has been PROVEN, it would make no sense that arrests were not around the corner!

QAnon states that there are LOTS of arrests that are about to occur:

127,407 SEALED | 14,261 UNSEALED | 295,201 NON-SEALED

I don’t take Martial Law lightly, as it is unconstitutional. However we have had a .gov that has been operating out of the lines of our Constitution for so long, it makes the Sopranos look like girl scouts!

“Eat your Peas America” … was said by one of the highest usurpers of the land; now America must have a ‘time-out’.

It’s a REPUBLIC if you can keep it!