Congratulations America!

WE did it! Some may not think so at this time, but the fact is we took the Senate! Give it a bit of time to sort out, as I am sure there are going to be a lot of  VOTER FRAUD challenges. I suspect in Missouri, the George Soro’s backed Amendment 1 will be challenged, as it was simply DECEITFUL! BUT we did get to replace crooked McCaskill with President Trumps’ pick, Joshua Hawley. And locally for me, we got rid of a crooked Judge. Amendment 2 passed for our Veterans! OohRAH! Now we have to wait on he Feds to do the RIGHT THING. I am very excited for the future!

One must be aware of the awesome power of the Senate!

In addition to its critical role in providing oversight of the Department of Justice and the agencies under the Department’s jurisdiction, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Homeland Security, the Judiciary Committee plays an important role in the consideration of nominations and pending legislation.

Executive nominations for positions in the Department of Justice, Office of National Drug Control Policy, the United States Parole Commission, the United States Sentencing Commission, and the State Justice Institute, as well as select nominations for the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Commerce are referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.” …

Thank you President Trump for all you do!

Semper Fidelis!