Constitutional Sheriffs

It is the Constitutional Sheriff that hold the power to protect the citizen from the over-reach of the federal government. Of the highly contested Sheriff races in the MO8th, I am only familiar with two men that have the honor and dignity of running for Constitutional Sheriffs. One was honored yesterday by Sheriff Mack of the Constitutional Sheriff and Police officers Association ( Kevin Jotz is running for Oregon County Sheriff and one of the newest members of CSPOA is Sean Cooper, running for Jefferson County Sheriff.

Jotz and me
Kevin Jotz and Tori Proffer
Sean Cooper and Tori Proffer

I was proud to meet both of these men yesterday, as well as Sheriff Mack.

Sheriff Richard Mack and Tori Proffer





Sheriff Mack in support of Kevin Jotz for Constitutional Sheriff of Oregon County, MO.

During this time of the unConstitutional take-over of our nation, I was surprised to see so few people present.  Shame on Missouri for not taking interest in our government.  While it was a great day for me to meet a ‘hero’ of liberty, I was sad to see that so few were interested.  We sow what we reap.