CPAC, 5G, QAnon and the Telco’s

I have recently been viewing the 2019 National Conference videos on Youtube, they are great! I especially liked THIS ONE!

As a former ‘WISP‘ the topic of 5G is near and dear to me. However it is also very concerning, as this is not the 5G I am familiar with; in fact this is a BRAND NEW technology!

Interesting … Glad these folks share my concern; as well a healthy concern for AI.  Other technical issues that were not  that they did not go in to as this video does.

“Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about a form of technology growing on a vast scale… 5G! As we see countries throughout the world try to roll out 5G, John who has a telecommunications background talks about the serious risks involved in 5G, not to mention the utter impracticality. With the level of wattage coming from 5G towers, it will dramatically increase radiation to neighborhoods as it would be necessary to put towers every 3 or 4 houses to ensure efficiency. It would make no sense to commit to and it would be dramatically unhealthy. Electro-magnetic frequencies can be quite dangerous. John breaks down what you need to know about this massive new undertaking and how inescapable it will be. Educations will lead to understanding and action. 3G and 4G are bad enough.”

Tom Wheeler, FCC Chair, sounds absolutely scary in this video stating that we do not need to study the effects of 5g! 

“5g Wireless Technology has the potential to Weaponize nearly EVERYTHING. PLEASE SHARE THIS with Everyone you love. We MUST know more and we must be AWARE of the potential that this technology has and be sure of what risks we as humanity are willing to take for the sake of Money and Convenience.”

Everything You Need to Know About 5G

“Millimeter waves are broadcast at frequencies between 30 and 300 gigahertz, compared to the bands below 6 GHz that were used for mobile devices in the past. They are called millimeter waves because they vary in length from 1 to 10 mm, compared to the radio waves that serve today’s smartphones, which measure tens of centimeters in length.

Until now, only operators of satellites and radar systems used millimeter waves for real-world applications. Now, some cellular providers have begun to use them to send data between stationary points, such as two base stations. But using millimeter waves to connect mobile users with a nearby base station is an entirely new approach.

There is one major drawback to millimeter waves, though—they can’t easily travel through buildings or obstacles and they can be absorbed by foliage and rain. That’s why 5G networks will likely augment traditional cellular towers with another new technology, called small cells.”

And now we come to Q addressing privacy concerns:

“Phone co’s involved?”


If the Telco’s have no concern of bad health effects from 5G why would they have concern for your privacy?

And now you know …

BUT don’t think our President is not playing chess!