Crooked Hillary

Foggy morning outside so I can’t start on the yard work that has been begging me since this summer for attention. So I guess I will just address my 27 faithful followers of, this blog.  What shall we discuss … Crooked Hillary!

Many that know me know that I am a deep researcher of the interwebs and dark places of the Internet. I go to places some fear to go or do not know the direction to such realms. With that said, it is imperative that one have an open mind and good discernment to determine if one is on a LARP or actually getting first hand information from a knowledgeable source. But I leave that final decision to the reader, as all I am is a proffer of information.

I was shocked to read the, now infamous, “Russian Dossier” that stated, as the DNC claimed, for fact that Donald J. Trump had a fringe visit to Russia for Golden Showers. I thought to myself, well the man sure does like his gold! However, not being naïve, I have heard that men of power have had this persuasion. But somehow, it just did not gel with me, as I did not see this type of perversion in this man. Not that I think that DJT is a saint … After all, I have no doubt, one does get their hands dirty building the empire that Trump has. However in his opponent, that is a different story, as I did see the deviousness! On the Internet, the many stories of her and Bill’s corrupt and vial carnal knowledge are legendary!  So it comes as no surprise that the Donald is exonerated of this character assignation, by one that most likely has even more intimate knowledge of this ‘golden’ act than our Commander-In-Chief.

I am fortunate to have ‘unique glasses’ to view the Russian story, as I know our elections were rigged. With Donna Brazile jumping ship, it is now widely acknowledged that Ms. Golden rigged the Primary election against Sanders. And one does not just discover a TV script for election results, eight days prior to that election, without it being rigged. I am convinced, if it were not for the deep, deep crookedness of Clinton; President Trump would not have had the turnout to overturn these rigged votes. It is with that thought that I take away what truly happened, the invisible Hand of God intervened; there is no other reason. He looked down upon America, particularly the ‘fly-over’ states, and He saw good Christian people. Sure, some had been lead astray, while others worshiped silently; but we are still here, in BIG numbers!

Now the nefarious acts of Clinton are being exposed, yes she is on the way out, as well as her minions. The Liberals better get a grip and get out of their ‘cult like’ state of mind. We are all just people, no matter the color of our skin, we are all the same in the eyes of God. The only thing that makes us different from one another is our soul. If it empty, as I am sure Ms. Clinton’s is, as is most of her cult; they will be judged and found for lack of wanting … after all, How can one hate, without doubt, especially on another’s word? How can one hate based on how one views God? How can one presume to have power over another? It baffles me how I see these traits in the extreme left and generally most lawmakers. How did they lose their Holy Spirit, their guiding light? Hate breeds hate is the only thought I can come up with.

My guess is our country is about to witness a great cleansing, one that is completely over-due.  Imagine someone that has been put in trust of public safety, they swear an oath to God to protect America’s children, but they profit off of selling Her out to Her enemies.  This is what has happened over the last presidencies’ since JFK. Why did Bush want to reseal the JFK documents that are now being released? Simple, it is called a conspiracy that, most likely, he, his dad and his dads dad took roles in. Imagine generations’ of traitors in one family! 

JFK was right when he said that they infiltrate! He was aware of the dangers the Russians presented and how they would get a foot hold in our government. Our last administration, literally, just proved JFK was correct in his insight. Selling our most lethal resource; our uranium, is treason against ones country and God as their oath has been broken.

Like him or not Donald J. Trump is our president and he has done more for this country than any other president since JFK! If we want to help him Make America Great Again, we will make sure that not one incumbent be allowed back into our scared halls of Justice!  For how can there be ‘one’ good politician among them? They have all failed to protect us, to uphold their oath, both state and federal politicians.

And as far as “Crooked Hillary” … it is time that house of cards be totally dismantled! Selling our uranium so that my grandbabies can be killed is something I get very emotional about!

Time for Grand Jury’s to indict and if found guilty …

Come on DOJ … We know you want to!