The death of GHW Bush, brings in a new twist.

“The hagiography of George H.W. Bush. Bush 41’s father and Dubya’s grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush, was involved with corporations and investment banking firms such Brown Brothers Harriman and Union Banking Corporation, companies that profited directly from their involvement with and as the financial backers of Hitler and Nazi Germany. Just Google Prescott along with Trading with the Enemy Act and Fritz Thyssen and your jaw will drop. Why is that critical? Because if the name Donald Trump was substituted for GHWB, it would have been a different story. Bush 41 was the last of the WWII generation and was the spook’s spook with a pedigree that is unmatched in modern times. Pay attention to history and fact. As Tolstoy said, history would be a wonderful thing if only it were true. As for the nickname, In 1952, Daddy Prescott won a Senate seat. George would later follow in his steps via politics and his rabid support for Planned Parenthood. In fact, as a result of his Planned Parenthood fanaticism and disdain for the “unwanted,” Bush 41 earned the nickname “Rubbers” from House colleagues. How nice. A bona fide eugenist. New World Order, baby. In spades.”

“George H.W. Bush is dead at the age of 94 and the mainstream media mockingbirds spent all day Saturday singing the praises of this “great man” and 41st President of the United States. But it may surprise some to learn the truth about H.W. and the Bush family. This is the story the mainstream media refuses to share with Americans.”

The new SerialBrain2 examines tweet from twater Comey, believed to be connected to the ‘timely’ death of GHWB.

Clearly going to be an interesting week!