Dear FBI

Dear FBI;
I believe this tip is about Voter Fraud, but it includes so much more, not limited to domestic spying and terrorist activities.
In 2016 I ran for State Representative of District 145 in the State of Missouri. I am prior service Marine Corps, I take my Oath as seriously today as the day I took it when I was 19 years old, as I consider it a promise to God. I saw the corruption that was occurring in my home county of St. Francois, Missouri and moved from that location to something I considered more secure in the adjoining county of Madison, Missouri. It all started in 2012 when I was representing Ron Paul at our local Republican Caucasus. I was voted Parliamentarian over then State Representative Kevin Engler. I sensed something was wrong about him. The next month when we voted, in St. Francois County, I noticed my sister’s name on the roster. I thought that odd as I knew her to be a convicted felon.
Since then I have been quite active in politics and current events. So much so that in 2016 I decided to run for office in my new and current location of Madison County, MO. While running for office, I started a website: and wrote about several issues. Several days prior to the election I Googled my name and found the election results for my area, as well as the national results for candidate Trump and several local politicians. On November 1, 2016 I published the results. Since I have published I have had incredible technological issues. For the record I started building Internet services in my hometown of Farmington, MO in 1993 and am considered one of the first woman ISP’s. I stayed in the industry till 2014 when I sold my business in St. Louis and had to retire due to my Marine Corps ‘service-connected’ injury. When I moved to my very rural location, I purchased a Wilson Cell extender so that I could receive Internet service. At that time I turned in my contracted AT&T service and started using a prepaid AT&T service. As long as I am in my provisioned area I always have full bar connectivity. During my time that I was running for election, I purchased a second prepaid service. I registered both phones with Google Voice, so that they could be forwarded and I would have more options of dealing with calls. Prior to the elections I lost service to BOTH phones! I could not understand why, until it occurred to me Google was the issue. I have posted about this as well.
Recently I have had to purchase another providers service, Verizon, as the quality of AT&T has become almost unusable! Initially the Verizon phone worked well. I have recently filed an FCC complaint against AT&T as my bandwidth is clearly throttled! AT&T responded to the FCC stating that I did not have their service!  Curious who I have been paying the last four years!

I filed the complaint on 10/11/2018. I have not heard back from the FCC however AT&T referred to File No.2843117.
I did not include my Verizon phone in that complaint; however I do intend to amend it. Recently I was trying to use my text messaging, when for no reason, my QWERTY keyboard was removed and in its place was Google Voice, which would not translate properly, rendering the phone unusable for texting. Prior to the Presidential Text message being sent, I tried to reinstall the keyboard function and all I could find was Chinese, Korean and Pinyin keyboards installed. I posted a screen-capture this morning on my recent article about President Trumps visit to Southeast Missouri. There is also a link to what I have researched as the AT&T public spying and mass database creation and collection system.
If you will look in the most recent archives one will find an article regarding the Synagogue slaying, in that same article I write about how Face book had tagged my 2016 Political page as a Christian Church. In that same article I posted how earlier in the week, I had discovered what I consider a ‘make-shift’ bomb on my front porch. Had I not caught it in time, I would not be keying this information to you this morning!
With the election fraud going on in Broward County, it occurs to me how the elections are being manipulated, as it is on a county level! The dead and felon votes are being used to manipulate the system! I have to say that, potentially this occurred to me, but was verified today.
I tried to report this today to Hal Goldsmith – United States Eastern District Attorney’s Office – 314-539-7733. My call was interrupted three times. I then tried to call the Cape Girardeau FBI field office and was met with a nasty young man who intentionally hung up on me – 573-335-2511. As I could not remember the name of the original office I had just called
I know the corruption is deep in our nation, as both sheriffs in Madison and St. Francois Counties are compromised. I do not know if this complaint is going to make it to a good guy our not. But I do know it is my duty to report these issues. In any event, I have engaged an attorney on another matter and will forwarding this to him as well. He also has a copy of the FCC complaint.

Victoria Proffer