Do NOT vote for me on August 2nd

Since I am running on a third party ticket, the Constitution Party, I will not be on the Republican ballot, August 2nd.  I believe that is the ballot most will use, as the 145th District seems to be mostly Conservative/Christian.  I had planned on voting for myself, as I am allowed to, and would probably be the only one in our district that would choose a Constitution Party ballot.  So I have come up with another solution.

I hope folks don’t think it is inappropriate or unethical as that is not my intention, but here goes.

I will, in the Primary, be voting on the Republican ballot.  I do this because I will be casting my vote for John Brunner for Governor. Missouri needs strong and ethical leadership right now and I believe Mr. Brunner is the man for the job.  I believe this for several reasons, but more specifically he is a Marine!  There is a certain amount of Honor that comes with that title, as it is earned rather than given! Trust me, as I know. John Brunner must be Missouri’s next governor!

And while I am voting Republican (I hope this does not get me kicked out of my party) … I will also be casting my vote for Chad Unterreiner for the 145th District, as I believe he is a true candidate!  I respect this fellow, as he is clearly very civic minded!  I also believe that if Chad receives the republican nomination, that he will debate me on the issues, whereas I don’t believe that to be true of Rick Francis.  Public debate would be good for both candidates and our district.

The reason I suggest this is because of this, in the beginning, when we announced our candidacy, I sent a Facebook friend request to both Chad and Rick.  Chad responded, in fact we have had conversation, and Rick did not.  As well as the fact, that from traveling the 145th District I see Rick Francis signs, mostly, in affluent neighborhoods.


We must change our status quo, if we have any hope of changing our nation! Folks that spend the outrageous monies on these yard signs for a job that is <$36k, for the House position or more for congressional, in my opinion, are not concerned about the position for the community. But, I believe, are more concerned about the position for power.  I believe, this is not how our founders envisioned our government.  I believe they thought it was the concerned citizens, which I believe Chad Unterreiner and myself to be.

At the same-time I will also be casting my vote for Hal Brown for Congress. While there are many worthy candidates, I have met and spoke with Dr. Hal and believe he has the right position on several of the issues. I do this for several reasons. Our incumbent, Jason Smith has voted to Fast Track the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  This is nothing but Globalization and it is not good for Missouri or America!  As well, Mr. Smith recently voted to expand the power of the EPA!  We need to defund these unconstitutional organizations, rather than enabling them! We have to clean-up our government of folks that will not abide by their oath of office, which is to protect and defend our Constitution!

In November, after all the dust has cleared, I hope the citizens of District 145 will have a clear picture of who will do the best job for the citizenry!