Fake news v. Fake VA

Recently I have noticed how Drudgereport has taken a wrong turn and joined the FAKE Main Stream Media in its battle to be the bearer of false truth.
This is sad to see, as this was a site I visited every morning and now never will. FYI I have found a new site that does HONEST reporting in drudge fashion …

The Liberty Daily has now replaced the old MSM link. 

Since his Inauguration, I have been retweeting every tweet of our ‘stable genius’ President to our FB group the Deplorable Patriots. I do this as I consider it my duty to help our Commander-in-Chief disseminate his voice verbatim.

MSM is nothing but FAKE News and Propaganda which clearly has a lot at stake!

I have been away from my web-page lately, as last month I had open-heart surgery. This was the second time I was recently in a public hospital. Fortunate for me, a good hospital! This is one of the reasons I feel so dedicated to our President, if it were not for him I would not have awakened after my surgery with my surgeon stating: “You are lucky to be alive!” I was able to have this surgery at one of the finest hospitals, nationally known for cardiology; St. Luke’s. This was because of the 2019 Mission Act allowing veterans to seek outside the V.A. health care. The two previous stents I had put in by the V.A. had failed. In 2009 was the first stent, I have to admit I felt great after the procedure; most likely due to the prescription of a 500 count of Opioids. The second was the same, but this time not only did they send me home with the Opioids but with Hepatitis C as well! 

Just an FYI this surgery, even more invasive as they had to crack my rib cage, I was sent home with only ten Opioids and did not suffer the ‘withdrawal effect’ I had previously with the V.A.

While President Trump states he loves our Veterans, I believe he truly does, but as one can see he is dealing with the Devil!  The V.A. has long been accused of being a SWAMP INFESTED BUREAUCRACY … BECAUSE IT IS!

President Trump has given Veterans tools so that they may take on the fight:

S.1094 – Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017

S.2372 – VA MISSION Act of 2018

Veterans Experience Office (VEO)

These are some of the ways the Trump Administration has helped American Veterans in just his first term, all while he was under heavy fire from some ‘dimwits in CONgress’.

Military.com reports:

The Department of Veterans Affairs released an alarming report Friday showing that at least 60,000 veterans died by suicide between 2008 and 2017, with little sign that the crisis is abating despite suicide prevention being the VA’s top priority.

I suspect the majority of these suicides could be prevented, if the V.A. were half honest in approving benefits and hiring competent employees. 

Being a Vietnam era veteran and dealing with the V.A. for over 44 years, I can attest, the V.A. health system is in shambles. After visiting public hospitals, the difference is clear! I prefer my healthcare worker have the scent of anti-bacterial, rather than the stale smell of body odor and cigarettes. 

The President has done his job, now it is up to the Veterans to do theirs and report the VA SWAMP!

It is the job of every veteran and caregiver to support their brothers and sisters in arms! If one gets screwed on a benefits issue, even as small as travel pay, it MUST BE REPORTED!

Make the VA Great Again!

Where we go one, We go all! #WWG1WGA