FAKEbook and how Facebook Manipulates Their Social Media

I recently joined a Facebook group, to get more information about our president. The group was an open group and sadly there were more shills in the group than ‘pro-supporters’ of President Trump. Because I have been on Facebook for several years, over that time I have garnered what I consider a true group of patriotic friends. So I decided to create my own group and include my friends so that we could talk about pro-Trump issues and not be encumbered by distractions from ‘anti-Trump’ administration shills.

I created a group called the Deplorable Patriots and started adding my patriot friends, assigning administrative roles, adding a header, content and all the things one does to setup a Facebook group. Next I chose the settings and created a permalink to the group, which I named TrumpsPatriots. Later when I signed into the group, most of the content and membership had been removed, as well the header picture. I examined the link that Facebook gave me against the one that I had bookmarked, thinking that I had made the mistake. I then noticed it was a duplicate group that was created and it did not propagate all the members and content.  I than removed the members of the duplicate FAKE group, changed the settings to ‘secret’ so no others would join the FAKE Facebook group.

This morning I sign into the group that Facebook was encouraging me to sign into and I discover yet another group that had some of the members and was missing content, as well as my assigned admins and moderators. Frustrated, as the, below, header photo had been removed, yet again,

I added a different header. I then checked both my bookmarked links and the link that Facebook had supplied and voila! There were TWO FAKE groups! As members of the FAKE group started discussing issues within that group, I started removing them as they too were distracted by this FAKE group!

After I had removed the membership, I then searched Facebook for the original group and find yet another FAKE group that some of the members were also transferred to. I again added a new header so I could differentiate the groups and started removing the membership.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Here is my search this morning that reviled the different groups:

Here is the original group:

FAKE groups:

It looks like I have it under control, for now …

Shame on you Facebook for confusing folks that want to know the truth, as our media does not understand what TRUTH means!