I use to think  I was David, as I have slain some pretty good giants in my day!

Few yet to understand the spiritual side of the DJT movement, as it is a phenomenon like never seen before!

It is the REVIVAL of the American Spirit!


Granny use to have a saying …

“Can’t see the forest through the trees”

Prophet Kim Clement prophesied about our President in 2007. Sadly before Prophet Clement could realize his vision, he fell ill and died just before DJT was elected.

I could never understand, in this life, why so many things were the way they are. Why there was so much EVIL in this world, in our nation!

Today, because of Prophet Clement I wake to a new understanding!

God placed the veil upon our nation!

You see this life is simply like BOOT CAMP. You either get with the program and receive His grace or you perish! 

“And God says, Many will be shaken and say, “Who do we turn to now?” And suddenly, says the Lord, from all over this nation, the sounds of praise shall come from the Senate.  The sounds of praise shall come from the House of Representatives.  The sounds of praise shall come from the top and they will know that there is only One who is able to save this nation, and it is I.  And I will visit you, America.  I will visit you again with a great visitation, says the Lord.  Yes, I will.” ~ Prophet Clement September 1992