Here it comes the UNConstitutional Federal Gun Grab

gun controlWith the tragic deaths that occurred this weekend in Orlando, FL, president Obama has now stepped up his anti-Second Amendment rhetoric.  Our campaign is saddened by these senseless deaths, but more concerned that there could be more on the way if our president has his way.

Let’s try to apply a little Missouri common sense to this issue, as they seem to fail to do so in Washington D.C.

Obama Calls for Assault Weapons Ban, New ‘No Fly, No Buy’ Law

Obama states: “People with possible ties to terrorism who are not allowed on a plane shouldn’t be allowed to buy a gun,” Obama said, referencing No Fly, No Buy legislation pending on Capitol Hill that would prevent any suspected terrorists on “No Fly” lists from buying firearms.”

It is interesting that this is the second-time Obama has made this threat, as the first time was after the massacre in San Bernardino, Calif.  But the problem is that this administration is not recognizing the problem for what it is, radical Islam, as it was responsible for the mass murder in San Bernardino and again in Orlando.

Lets look to jihadist Omar Mateen, as he was on a terrorist watch list, but yet he had a  conceal carry license and worked in security.  So would have a ‘No Fly, No Buy’ list going to help in keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists?

The problem right now is that America is under a tyrannical government. This is the very reason our Founding Fathers gave us our Second Amendment.  If one questions that our government is not under tyrannical rule under the Obama administration, all one has to do is look to this week’s Clinton endorsement from our sitting president.  He endorsed someone that is under criminal investigation!

Never before in American history have we seen such debauchery at our federal government level!

When our Congress fails to do its due diligence and vet candidates running for the highest office in the land, that is where we see big failure in our country.  And I am not talking just about the presumptive Democratic frontrunner, I am also including the current administration. The office of the president is one of virtue, not hidden agenda, nor history of criminal investigations for federal crimes.

It is clear that this administration cannot admit what the true issue is, as it is the same issue of why Americans will not turn in their guns.  The issue is that our government has failed us miserably at keeping America safe.  They have failed to keep America safe by not allowing extensive background checks at our borders, by not following up on terrorist watch lists, by allowing known violent criminals access to our nation and resources.  This is the reason for terror in our streets, because of a failed government that will not admit what the real problem is, Islamic extremists and their own pitiful failure.

The federal government has failed to keep us safe and now they want to take our ability to keep ourselves, our loved ones and families safe.

unalienable: What’s unalienable cannot be taken away or denied. Its most famous use is in the Declaration of Independence, which says people have unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.