It is kind of ironic that I am coming ‘full circle’ with U.N. Agenda 21. When I became ‘awake’ I became aware of a nefarious plan to herd humans into specific areas, particularly away from nature. It wasn’t till I moved to my new home that I realized I live in one of the ‘forbidden’ areas of America. But it just recently occured to me of what I was looking at when looking at the 1996 map that I believe to be part of H.W. Bush’s plan for a ‘New World Order‘.

In 2015 the area that I grew up in, the Leadbelt of Missouri, received an award from Asarco. These monies were to repair damage from the mining in the area. Some monies were ‘specifically’ marked to repair the drinking water system of Fredericktown, Missouri. The town water resource had become contaminated from the lead mining and was one of the only ‘stated’ goals for these funds. However,  Governor Nixon had ulterior motives for these funds. He wanted to purchase land for the state in another area that had not been damaged by the Lead mines. This land would be contiguous to Federally owned land and ‘ironic’ again; would become part of the Agenda 21 ‘land grab’. It was rumored, at that time, Nixon was jockeying for a seat in the Clinton Administration; particularly Secretary of Interior.

Public comment sought on possible divergence of ASARCO compensation funds

“The original budget for Madison County included $1.6 million in ASARCO funds. Since the proposal came out, the county’s budget share was reduced to $500,000.”

When I saw the below video, I put 2 and 2 together and realized what I am seeing on the U.N. Agenda 21 map is not only ‘quarantined’ areas of no human habitat, but most likely, connecting tunnels! How convenient for Child/Drug Trafficking or moving about illegal immigrants … And how interesting that these “corridors” connect to National Forests, where people have gone missing into thin air!

There is a great thread by @Stardust_1416 about possible tunnels under Arlington Cemetery.

Another great thread “The keystone. Shape. Planefag report. Who knows where the bodies are buried? Arlington cemetery visit Clues with a little help from Q and POTUS ALL OF IT IS UNDER SACRED BURIAL GROUNDS KNOWING NO ONE WOULD DARE VIOLATE US VETERAN CEMETERIES Omg. They really are sick by @IncarnatedET

You Are Free TV also has a great video explaining the NEW GREEN DEAL, headed by  incoming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which is simply a make over of Agenda 21. Starts @ appx. 13:00m.

It seems 2019 has a lot of JUSTICE to dish out!