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Thomas Jefferson wrote several times to James Madison about his dismay that the Bill of Rights did not include ‘Term Limits’ or “Rotation of Office”

Jefferson objects to absence of Bill of Rights

“Thomas Jefferson’s December 20, 1787, letter to James Madison contains objections to key parts of the new Federal Constitution. Primarily, Jefferson noted the absence of a bill of rights and the failure to provide for rotation in office or term limits, particularly for the chief executive. During the writing and ratification of the constitution, in an effort to influence the formation of the new governmental structure, Jefferson wrote many similar letters to friends and political acquaintances in America.”

While Jefferson was primary referring to the executive office, the same is true of ‘local’ or ‘state’ political offices. When a politician becomes ‘comfortable’ in their position; as if it is their career, that is where the folly begins!

From City Clerk to Commissioner, if they do not acknowledge and take their Oath to our Constitution as an Oath to God, time to …