I Believe WE have made it!

Today I enjoyed one of the first 70* day weathers.  It was warming to my soul and mind.  I celebrated it with a barbecue and a lot of needed outdoor chores.

I seriously did not think that we were going to make it to this point, as I did not believe the last administration was going to give up their power.  After all, why should they … as, I believe, they clearly did not have the best interest for America and what it stands for.  Let us just remember what Obama’s first executive order was, to hide his background.

Now we have a president that is clearly looking out for our nation and its safety.  However he is being rebuked on many levels. Those levels include, but are not limited to, politicians and the media.  All this writer can say, is that she is thankful.  Lets remember that immigration is NOT invasion!

And please forgive this writer for her ‘corniness‘ but WE have made it through the rain!