I have been SHADOWBANNED :(

Conservatives and ‘Truthers’ got a hard pill this week, Twitter is shadowbanning their accounts. I believe this to be a direct violation of our 1st Amendment Right. Even My small account!

I proffer this information: 

I went to https://shadowban.eu/ and checked my accounts

Pro-Trump Account
My old business account

As Sara Carter explains …

“Shadowbanning” comes from the act of a social service banning a user or their content while the user is unaware of the ban”

She continues …

The media giant, Twitter, is accused of “Shadowbanning” many conservative Republicans as reported by Vice News,  The term “Shadowbanning” comes from the act of an online media service banning a user or their content while the user is unaware of the ban.  Vice reports “The Republican Party chair Ronna McDaniel, several conservative Republican congressmen, and Donald Trump Jr.’s spokesman no longer appear in the auto-populated drop-down search box on Twitter.”

Vice News updates:

Twitter appears to have fixed search problems that lowered visibility of GOP lawmakers

This is very sad … our nation so divided and our 1st Amendment Right are being trampled by giants’ ….

I stand with these other fine Patriots!

Folks that are banned are putting a RED X in their profile. 

As a ‘disabled Vietnam vet’ I remind you Twitter many veterans died over these rights!

And as one of the first woman ISP’s … I have to say this is the most DISGRACEFUL ‘event’ I have EVER witnessed on the Internet!

LeadBelt.com ~ 1993

I started building Internet services in 1993. The Bells said it was a Fad … I knew it was what America needed to have ‘the’ conversation. And now the past proves my thinking was correct. I also envisioned a ‘network’ replacing ‘cable TV’ with Independent Reporters.  Yes, I am a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ as some call us …

Others prefer to think … Critical Thinker!  We have a passionate need for Truth, unlike the MSM.

WE, as some now call us anon’s, will battle the Giant and be victorious! We will stand shoulder to shoulder with our President, as he makes our nation great again!

WE will not go quietly into the night!

This is about what is right and what is wrong in our nation!

  God Bless the USA!