I have proven it again, I am not a public speaker!

It is not that I need a ‘tele-prompter’ as I have the words, just too many of them!  I have to filter and let my mouth catch up. I thought this was just with physical speaking, like at a podium.  I have now learned it is just when I know it is for broadcast … I truly am a geek!  Lol!


Make no mistake, I have never claimed to be a public speaker, nor a politician! I have worked with computers for the last two decades, my mind tends to work fast, like them and I tend to be more of an introvert.  But because I know I have to do public speaking to accomplish my goal, I will do it, not like it, but do it. We have to fix our nation, no matter how much personal discomfort!

With that said …

Yesterday I was on CSC Talk Radio.

BRING AMERICA HOME© USA Designed To Be Governed Locally: We Are A Republic!

(One can download this presentation from the above site.)

Victoria (Tori) Proffer: Candidate for Mo 8th District ~ CONSTITUTION PARTY!  We Were Designed To Be Governed Locally – AND Locally Is How We Will Turn Things Around And BRING AMERICA HOME©.

Let me clairfiy two things, I am not running for congress, just House Representative of the MO 145th District.  And when I stated that I am the only one running on the Constitution Party platform, I meant for a state office; as that is how our founders envisioned the power structure of our nation.  We serve locally because that is were we can effect change. I am also the Committeewoman for my local Township. I ran unapposed and I believe the election was the Primary.

I would like to thank Beth Ann for the opportunity to be on her show!

Please listen, and folks if you want to comment, you know where to find me.