I Testify: America has A Praying President!

Not knowing what to expect, in true Marine Corps fashion, I packed everything! We knew there was going to be rain that day, so Mark and I went to Wal-Mart and purchased rain gear including a Republican RED canopy, some folding chairs, umbrella, extra ponchos for those that may have forgotten theirs …

We were both excited for this adventure, as we had been monitoring the rallies and watched as the crowds grew to ROCK STAR size. President Trump was bringing our nation together! His message was not what the MSM portrayed as an uncompassionate dictator, but one of Hope! His administration was not of the past, as he showed he cares for all people, black, brown, white, rich or poor. No matter the degree of station there is only ONE DEFINING quality, AMERICAN MADE!

From this Veterans perspective, he deeply cares for our veterans! I can personally testify as my ordeal with the VA was a 43 year event, before I was deemed ‘service-connected’ for my military injury.

I have President Trump to thank for this! 

The Marine Corps breeds the fear out of one. But for me there are TWO exceptions, particularly large crowds and dentists! I was concerned about the crowd so we left, what I considered, early.  Mark arrived in his timely fashion at 10 AM for the 9 PM event. We loaded the Jeep and drove to Ste. Genevieve so that we could stop at Oberlle and pick up some food for our ice chest. Again I got carried away, as I did not know what to expect. I bought so much that I did not realize, till later, I had overdrawn my checking account!  

Matthew Huff – November 2018 @ Trump Tower, Chicago, IL. Future Business Leaders of America!

I had texted back and forth to my friend and Patriot Tim Huff, who was also attending with his son Matthew. While in route, we contacted each other and found that he was 25 miles behind us. I had yet one more stop, as we needed flag poles for our flags that we intended on mounting to our canopy. We stopped in Perryville at the local Wal-Mart, only to find they did not have what we needed. We would have to do without. It was about this time that Mark told me he had heard on last night’s news that people had starting arriving at midnight! My panic set in. 


Parking was a nightmare. Mark commandeered us into a spot, Tim followed. We made it at approximately 2 PM, now what? It was about this time the rain really started coming down. The line was already huge. The guys went to check it out; I stayed with Maya at the Jeep. I realized it would not be a good idea for her to go with us. She was content to say and eat beef jerky on her warm and dry bed.  

The guys had taken the canopy, chairs and ice chest and parked us in a spot. Mark came back and got me. As he guided me to our venue through puddles of mud, I was impressed with our Missouri Heartland how they would endure this weather to see their President. I was also appreciative of how I decided at the last minute to wear my heavy boots!  

As we sat there in the rain, I could not help notice the crowd, as this was not what I expected. People of all races, ages and groups were in attendance including a young couple that stood across from us with a young child in tow. Under the umbrella of mom and dad would switch off holding her. I invited her to have a seat under our canopy and dug out some of the Oberlle peanut chocolate clusters for her. But her fuzzy gloves did not comply. Two failed pieces later, dad said no more. What an experience for one so young! Although it was wet and cold, my heart was warm. 

Toni and Tori

Later we had a lady Navy Vietnam veteran join us, Toni. She was to have surgery the next morning because of complications with Agent Orange, but yet she braved this crowd to see her president! We had her sit in one of our chairs and fed her a sandwich out of our ice chest. I have recently learned that over 300,000 veterans have died from this Monsanto poison! Toni told me that she had been trying to get the VA to address her condition(s) for over five years. Shameful how some have been so disrespected for their service to country! Toni left to be with her friend who was handicapped and feeling concerned of being alone.

As the crowd grew, so did the vengeance of the storm. It was as if there was a hidden addendum trying to drive us away. Our resolve was strong! WE are the Heartland of America, and I felt like the crowd was saying we will not be driven away, this is OUR COUNTRY, OUR PRESIDENT! 

We watched as the crowd would move forward than back, people were packing in like sardines. Vendors were hawking their Chinese madeMake America Great Again’ hats. Maybe by the 2020 ‘Keep America Great’ Rally’s they will be MADE IN AMERICA caps they hawk!

Mark, Matthew and I
Tim Huff and I

Finally about 5 PM they started letting some of the handicapped into the arena. We devised a plan, the guys were going to take the gear back to the Jeep, while Matthew would stay with me and hold the umbrella, as I could not stand with my cane and hold an umbrella. While they were gone, I panicked, as I had Marks ticket and Matthew realized his dad had his. We figured they would find us and if not Matthew could share mine and Mark and Tim could share. However to my pleasure, Mark came up behind me and tried to spook me! We were all together again, soaked but together we stood in the pouring rain.

I think that last hour was the most difficult for me, as those darn Marine Corps legs were cramping from the standing and cold. And then we had the line cutters. Maybe that is why I cussed the big fellow that told his buddy to come up and join him. After I did it I felt so ashamed, as there was that little girl that I had been feeding chocolate to, right next to me. I apologized and stood in shame. Later a woman was leading her friend through the crowd; the alcohol on her breath was intoxicating!  WE had words! She told me she was a Navy vet, I remaindered her it was the Marines that guard the Navy brigs; she did not like that and tried to push me! Tim and Mark realized that there was going to be a brawl and separated us. Her friend came up to me and apologized. She told me that she was a local gun store owner and that she was just acquaintances of this gal. I told her that was PTSD and she needed help. I recognized mine and once I did that was half the battle! I then told her about QAnon and that we expected to see arrests after the midterms. She was excited to hear that news.

As we started up the stairs to the arena, the rain seemed to slow to a drizzle. I think the hidden agenda realized there was no hope in driving us away, our crowd only swelled, as WE ARE THE HEARTLAND! 

I panicked again, where is the paper ticket? Most folks use ‘Smartphone’s’ these days, I am old school and do not care for them and their spying, so when I got our confirmation on my PC I printed it out. I dug in my soaked fanny pack to find a soggy running paper. I was scared we would be turned away. For the next half hour I gripped that paper and waited till we would see what was next.

We approached the white canopy that the metal detectors held. As we passed through the inspection I asked where we turn in our tickets. Never did I get a straight answer. It was chaotic as we squeezed approximately 8,000 people into that arena, leaving twice as many outside to view the event from the big screen. We were glad we got in, but where were we to sit. We were told to go to the elevator and again I asked who do we give our ticket to? They were not collecting them! I was relieved as I boarded the elevator. As we disembarked, we stayed together and Mark and Tim were both looking for seats. We could not find four seats together. I was disappointed as Mark was trying to get me to walk up several more flights of stairs to the nosebleed section. I realized my legs would not hold up much longer. Tim was kind enough to get me a seat. I was disappointed to not view this event with my friends who I had just spent the afternoon ordeal with. I was seated next to two fellows. As I tried to get out of my wet gear, I was helped by one who I later discovered was a Vietnam era Marine Corps Reserve! 

I settled in my seat and my legs started to relax. I could see Mark, Tim and Matthew in the mosh pit. All was good as I dug out my phone to take a picture and tell my Face book friends that WE MADE IT! I was handed a Veterans for Trump sign and waited to see MY President. As the music pounded, for this old gal, to an uncomfortable level, I watched how the young kids enjoyed it and that made it bearable.I then watched as the celebrities were paraded out on deck and spoke their piece. There seemed to be more celebrities than I remember at previous rallies. I have yet to see the rallies earlier in the day, as I am sure this was President Trump’s troupe for the final rallies before voting the following day. I do remember thinking that the ladies all wore heels that had I worn something of that style that day, I would have never made it to seat 14 that I was parked in. I spoke to the Marine next to me asking him if he had been to another one of these rallies, he said no it was his first time. I believe the reason President Trump draws so many veterans, at least for this day, was simply to show RESPECT for our Commander-in-Chief!

FINALLY our President appeared from behind the curtain! I stood with enthusiasm! MSM gives our President a slight in stating that he his short in stature and his hands are small. I can testify that is unequivocally untrue! It is simply a slander that they use to demean him. MSM is truly the enemy of the people!

As we listened to his words, most of which most have heard at his previous rallies, stating the obvious of what he has done to Make America Great Again, a supporter collapsed. President Trump called for a doctor, which quickly responded.  He said can you help her. That peeked my interest, was it the intoxicated Navy veteran? As some still chanted rhetoric, President Trump asked us to pray. I bowed my head and prayed. I lifted my head to the words of Amazing Grace for our fallen supporter. Southeast Missouri is THE HEARTLAND of AMERICA!

Kim Clement prophesied that we would have a Praying President, he was RIGHT!

Tim said he thought the President Glowed. Funny that is what my dentist said about me yesterday, but THAT IS ANOTHER STORY!