Is A2 coming after your 2A – NO!

Genesis 1:29  (KJV)

29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

Marijuana has been cast to make people demonize this wonderful plant.  Our Founders were aware of the benefits of this amazing gift from God, as they were known to share a Peace pipe or two with the Native American Indians, no they were not Elizabeth Warren’s kin. 

But the fact was, during those days, Hemp was one of America’s most precious crops! It has been noted that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington both grew it! It was versatile as a medicine, rope, cloth, paper. This is recorded history.

When discussing the upcoming ballot measure, Amendment 2, I was met with many ‘fear mongers’ … “They are going to take your guns away” … “The taxes will not go to help the Veterans” … “The regulations will not allow for the extraction of CBD oil” “The security will be like Ft Knox” … and so on.  So I decided to see for myself, as I am aware how much, if Amendment 2 is passed is going to hurt BIG PHARMA and our PRISON SYSTEM, these are the folks that benefit from the Demonization of Marijuana. After I read the fourteen paged document, I was energized, as it was NOT AT ALL what they said! They were simply uninformed or trying to sway opinion, imagine that!  This is shameful, as this Missouri Constitutional Amendment could help so many.

I proffer this information …

It will help our Veterans!

Importantly 4% of the taxes will help the veteran founded Missouri Veteran Home! “The West Central Missouri Veterans Assistance League (VAL) is the sole non-profit organization dedicated to serving the heroes who live at the Missouri Veterans Home in Warrensburg. Their mission is to provide for the social, moral, physical and educational welfare of the 200 Veterans residing at the Home.”

Tax and Veterans
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The first 5% of the taxes collected will go to setup the initial organization. There after 4%  will go directly to the Missouri Veteran Home.

Qualifying Medical Condition(s)

Qualifying medical condition
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Qualifying Illness
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Darn I qualify on three … 

As well the Primary Caregiver can be granted an ID.

Primary caregiver license
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Qualifying patient ID Costs

Qualifying patients ID card
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Costs to Qualifying Patients and Primary Caregiver ID card is $25 per year.

Limits in Possession

Possession limits
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A Qualifying Patient or their Qualifying Caregiver can purchase up to 4 ounces per month, but they may have no more than two months in possession at anytime. 

The Qualifying Patient may also cultivate up to six plants, however that is a subject for another day. But these are the basics and I wanted to respond about our Second Amendment, as it is UNEQUIVOCALLY not in this document!

Lastly I have made the observation that these license are INTERSTATE . How might this be a factor unless President Donald J. Trump is intending on decriminalizing?

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