Is AT&T & Google part of the NSA’s super SPYNET?

While it was made clear, to this writer, that AT&T is no longer just a ‘service provider’ due to the removal of two prepaid phone service(s) from their network, new evidence makes the AT&T network even more suspect of being the ‘hammer’.

Who Really Hacked the elections? Connecting the Dots to the Russians > AT&T> Google > Obama Administration

“One of the main issues that I had with my run, for Missouri office, was having two of my AT&T phones shut off during the campaign.  I could not understand how both of my AT&T prepaid phones would be shut off and now Breitbart helps to draw some, possible, conclusions as both phones were tied to Google Voice!” (Continue reading) …

AT&T’s Role in Dragnet Surveillance of Millions of Its Customers

AT&T’s internet traffic in San Francisco runs through fiber-optic cables at an AT&T facility located at 611 Folsom Street in San Francisco. Using a device called a “splitter” a complete copy of the internet traffic that AT&T receives – email, web browsing requests, and other electronic communications sent to or from the customers of AT&T’s WorldNet Internet service from people who use another internet service provider – is diverted onto a separate fiber-optic cable which is connected to a room, known as the SG-3 room, which is controlled by the NSA. The other copy of the traffic continues onto the internet to its destination.” (Continue reading) …

This article goes on to state “AT&T’s deployment of NSA-controlled surveillance capability apparently involves considerably more locations” … So now it appears that not only was Donald J. Trump spied upon, but so were many more Americans!

It now seems plausible that AT&T is the service provider for the Obama Administration ‘Secret Database’ …

It appears that the AT&T network is now in line to become even larger, with more government funding!

AT&T Seen Winning FirstNet, May Roil TV Airwaves Auction

AT&T (T) appears likely to win the federal contract award for FirstNet, the federal government’s plan to create a nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety, analysts say, a development that would have ramifications for Verizon Communications (VZ), T-Mobile US (TMUS), Comcast (CMCSA) and others taking part in a government auction of TV airwaves.” (Continue reading) …

While AT&T was ‘born’ in America they have now moved a majority of their customer service jobs out of our country. It is unethical to fund a company that spies on Americans, with our tax payer monies!

This writer believes that our president is aware of the AT&T debacle.

Trump touts Charter’s four-year plan to add 20K jobs and invest $25B

Time for AT&T to ‘rollback’ their network!