Is God using Donald J. Trump?

I have been pondering this for sometime, now, as it is important to me.

One of my favorite Evangelists, or teachers, is Trey Smith.  I have followed him for years. He is a great teacher and has a unique way! He gives a great understanding of Mr. Trump in his video, TRUMP- the COMING LANDSLIDE. -Ancient Prophecy Documentary of Donald Trump – 2016, comparing him to Cyrus. He uses numerology in his cipher to create conclusion.  I believe that numerology is as important to understand, as are the scriptures, as it is part of God’s design.

I don’t know that Mr. Trump is a true born Again Christian, as I have had some difficulty in believing this.  He clearly believes in America!  But upon my third viewing of Mr. Smith’s video, the scripture he presented hit me like a skillet over my head!
Isaiah 45:4 – Geneva Bible: For Jacob my servants sake and Israel mine elect, I will call thee by thy name, and thee, though thou has not known me.

Is God using Mr. Trump for His will?

I encourage all, that have doubt, please watch.

I am, convinced and now firmly on the Trump Train!