Is Missouri’s Amendment 2 A grab for our Second Amendment?

First off let me state that I am a disabled service-connected, USMC Veteran. In February of this year I lost almost all feeling and use of my left leg.  To exacerbate problems, I also had contracted Hepatitis C through the VA in 2009 and was being treated by another VA for this problem. The medication made me ill and totally destroyed my immune system. It was suggested to me that Marijuana would elevate the nausea for this situation. It did, but sadly I had to deal with nefarious people to obtain it on the black market. As well it was not always available for the high prices and the questionable quality. Recently I have turned to CBD oil, which is legal in Missouri and eliminates the unsavory out of my life. I have noticed an 80% improvement in my leg that frees me from my walker to a walking cane! It is a miracle!

In our Face book group, Missouri Elections, we have been debating the November 6 Ballot issues. Of the three issues on the ballot, for Medical Marijuana, there is only one which we all agree to be the proper measure, Constitutional Amendment 2.

So the votes should be for YES Amendment 2 and for Prop C.

However, in MY zealousness, I did not consider and it was presented to me; the Federal government! While their over-reach into what should be considered a STATE issue, at this time in our country it is not; our Constitution and the Rule of Law must first be restored. So I will go ahead and vote on these issues and wait on President Trump to restore our Republic! In the meantime CBD oil is a second best!

TEXT of Amendment 2.

Remember, they never thought she would lose! Is this why we see Claire McCaskill a notorious fibber to her constituents and an anti-second Amendment proportionate supporting medical Marijuana and telling men to vote and “Just shut up”