big-brotherHave I totally lost my mind, or has our country been taken over and AT&T is now Big Brother?

I believe the Lord called upon me to run for office.  I really do not know why, as going to Jefferson City for four months out of the year is not something I had PLANNED for my retirement.  But when the Lord calls I know I must obey, as He is my Master.

So first I have issues with the Bollinger County Chamber of Commerce.  Next I have issues with my ‘political‘ website, as it is clearly being throttled by ISP AT&T!

Then my phones that are associated with my ‘political campaign‘ are shut down on the AT&T network! Both phones were registered with Google Voice.

Yes, my bill was paid.

And this evening, when discussing this issue on Facebook in the Missouri Legislature Review forum I receive the below, what I consider,  threat …att-threat

However, I am not sure that the fellow claiming to be an AT&T employee, actually was.  But the fact does remain, both of my ‘political campaign‘ phones were disconnected from the AT&T network.  As well as the fact that my ‘political‘ website does appear to be ‘throttled’. And even more disturbing, when researching Missouri ‘campaign finance’ I find that the majority of our Legislators have taken monies FROM AT&T! Special interest monies should not exist in our government, as they are a SELL OUT to the very constituents, that our ‘elected public servants’ are sworn to protect!

Is America now a ‘Banana Republic’?  Is there ANY hope left for America, for Missouri? Have we truly lost all our direction?  Where is our MORAL COMPASS?

This is a VERY DISTURBING chain of events!