Before President Trump was elected 
the dark side took control of the Internet! 
This we can UNEQUIVOCALLY blame on the 0bama administration!


Not China nor Russia built the Internet, it was American innovation, as one of the nation’s FIRST Internet service providers …

I was there! 

Obama gives away the internet and, with it, our liberty

Despite the explicit wishes of Congress, Mr. Obama wants to allow an international body to take control of the Internet.

The United States still controls something called the International Assigned Numbers Authority. IANA is responsible for the allocation of unique names and numbers that are used around the world in Internet protocols.

In short, it controls the allocation of domain names from Facebook.com to your church’s website. And Mr. Obama wants to give control of this to an International Organization.

What could possibly go wrong?

I will tell you what could go wrong CENSORSHIP!


I have been censored from many platforms,  particularly Twitter, Facebook. 

Facebook does blatant CENSORSHIP in many ways … for instance, only showing so many likes on a post.

Facebook does blatant CENSORSHIP in many ways … for instance, only showing so many likes on a post.

Not a huge deal, as I post because MSM does not do the job of a RESPONSIBLE PRESS! But when it comes to CENSORING our PRESIDENTS DAUGHTER for her message … I draw my line. Why do you allow this CENSORSHIP of our 1st Amendment to happen, President Trump? Is this to SHOW the MSM  ‘dumbed down Americans’ just how bad it has gotten in our nation under past leadership? WE KNOW … Isn’t it time to drop the HAMMER!


… Most people are not aware of where Facebook got its startup …

“Ever hear about “Lifelog?” You know, the DARPA project to create an automatically updated, itemized, organized, electronic list of every interaction you have, every event you attend, every place you go and everything you do? The project that was announced as canceled the very same day Facebook launched? Well, neither had I? In today’s Thought for the Day we explore the Lifelog/Facebook “coincidence” and what it tells us about our wired world.”

Time to ditch LIFELOG!

Fortunately, many new platforms have been developed in recent years but these seemed to be PRO Christian/Patriot platforms.


Many of my friends are moving to different platforms before October 1st as Facebook will be changing its platform for MORE CENSORSHIP!


MeWe Social Network

I suspect FACEBOOK is getting ready for the election, which they KNOW they have NO CHANCE except to CHEAT!

They claim her post violated ‘community standards’ …

One has to wonder, a PRO-BLACK post from our President’s daughter …

WHO’S the community Facebook?