Jack and Suckerberg America’s sellouts!

It can’t come too soon! The platform providers clearly are sellouts to America’s First Amendment and TYRANTS at that! What a great business model. Clearly, tactics developed by Communist China!

I started a group on Facebook called ‘The Deplorable Patriots’ for a few of my friends as they did not have time for Twitter and wanted to read the President tweets. We started the day of his Inauguration and continued up until this week when our group was CENSORED! When we were closed we were getting new sign-ups daily. The interest in our President has grown exponentially as he battles the vermin of deep state. To be totally removed from years of comradery among my fellow peers without so much as a warning was very unfair! To be a target of CENSORSHIP in AMERICA, IMHO, makes Facebook an enemy of our nation! It is way past time for arrests, most people are feeling, but I have to admit seeing this cross my time-line today gave me HOPE that we will soon be in the shadows of the storm.  PAST TIME FOR THE PURGE, Mr. President!

Point me to the CLASS ACTION!