Is MSM the “Opposition Party”? 

January Q and @POTUS Tweet

Why YES, I truly believe so!

I proffer this information:

Let’s go back to the National Address.

First off we have CNN’s Don Lemon suggesting to ‘edit’ the official Address!

CNN’s Lemon Suggests Networks Delay Trump Address Because People Might ‘Believe’ It

“Listen, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do it, but do you think it should be, I don’t know, a delay of some sort, and then you can…because people believe it. People–the president will say what he has to say,” Don Lemon lamented. “People will believe it whether the facts are true or not. I guess that’s the chance you take with any president.”

AND then they do this!

Fox Affiliate Aired Doctored Video of Trump Border Speech That Made President Look Weird (Update: Culprit Fired)

“Fox affiliate Q13 (KCPQ-TV) in Seattle broadcast a doctored video of President Trump giving his Oval Office address to the nation Wednesday during the intro to their 10 p.m. news show.”

And then, we have the brash “equal time” follow-up …

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) respond to President Donald Trump’s national address about immigration and the .”

…”Sadly, much of what we heard from President Trump, throughout this senseless shutdown,  has been full of misinformation and even malice?”

Seriously, from THIS WOMAN? 

PURE EVIL. Nancy Pelosi Says 66,000 Opioid Deaths and 25,000 Illegal Alien Murders Is a “Manufactured Crisis”

… “In 2011 by the Government Accounting Office reported on incarcerations, arrests and costs of criminal immigrants. (

That report noted the number of criminal illegal immigrants in federal prisons in 2010 was about 55,000; the number incarcerated in state prison systems and local jails was approximately 296,000 for the year 2009.

Based on the GAO’s sample of criminal immigrants, it’s estimated that the study population of these 249,000 criminals had actually been previously arrested around 1.7 million times, averaging about seven arrests per person. That translated into a half-million drug related offenses, 70,000 sexual offenses, 213,000 assaults, 125,000 arrests for larceny/theft and 25,000 homicides.”

It’s no wonder that the Californian Democrat is so staunch on keeping the borders open, as they support her luxury lifestyle …

Nancy Pelosi Net Worth in 2018: $16 Million
“Nancy Pelosi’s Salary Is $193,900”

The Wrap-Up Smear by Nancy Pelosi.

We backed up your video Deb, as of this writing, still live on C-SPAN


Still live as of this writing …  
One has to ask, if the press can be used to LIE to the public, how can this be LEGAL in our country?

The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public

… “IO are primarily used to target foreign audiences, but Davis cites numerous senior leaders who want to (in the words of Colonel Richard B. Leap) “protect a key friendly center of gravity, to wit US national will” by repealing the Smith-Mundt Act to allow the direct deployment of these tactics on the American public.”


Bottom line: Nancy Pelosi, clearly believes, she has the RIGHT to LIE to the AMERICAN PEOPLE and PROFIT from ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION! As well, our MSM IS COMPLICIT in SEDITIOUS ACTS by manipulating OFFICIAL COMMUNICATIONS to the AMERICAN PEOPLE!